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Dana India enables rural communities with self-sufficiency by rejuvenating water resources back to life

In an attempt to repair, restore, and rehabilitate water bodies in India, Dana a global industry leader in the supply of traditional and electrified systems for light, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, has rejuvenated seven water bodies across the states of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.
While it can look like rejuvenation of ponds in isolation, the initiative has multiple impacts touching various aspects of the environment and the communities dependent on water bodies, especially in the rural parts. They play a central role in facilitating water conservation in villages, increasing tank storage capacity, improvement in agriculture/horticulture productivity, thereby becoming a supporting system for sustainable management of resources.
“With the revival of seven water bodies having a recharge capacity of 2,73,750 cubic metres, we have touched more than 16,200 lives. We plan to cover all the regions where Dana operates its businesses, and the organization has invested around 4.5 crores for the rejuvenation of the ponds,” says Sunil Sehgal, Head of HR Dana India.
Collaborating with multiple stakeholders such as the local gram panchayats, government officials, community members, citizen influencers, and local activists, the organization is ensuring seamless implementation of the project.
Access to clean water has emerged as one of the most critical issues affecting economic activity, development, and businesses around the world. Frequent droughts and floods are leading to mass migration, uprooting communities from their native lands. “Investing in water conservation will not only aid in reducing the strain on water sources but also benefit the local, rural communities,” he added.
Historically, ponds were used for irrigation, supply of drinking water, livestock watering, erosion control, and fire preparedness. They are central to the prosperity of entire village ecosystems as rural settlements mushroom around the ponds.
Rejuvenating water resources is one of the many CSR Initiatives taken by Dana in India to give back to the society.
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