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CSR arms of WNS and Tech Mahindra partnered on India’s first free holistic cybersafety education portal

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WNS Cares Foundation (WCF), the CSR arm of WNS, today announced that it has joined forces with Tech Mahindra Foundation (TMF) to raise the cybersafety quotient of over 24,000 beneficiaries of TMF’s programmes through WCF’s CyberSmart portal, India’s first holistic, free-for-all cybersafety education portal.
The CyberSmart portal enables gamified learning using thematic quiz-based modules based on curriculum advisory and challenges that children encounter in cyberspace. It was launched nationally in May 2020 by Ajay Prakash Sawhney, Secretary, MeitY and is available in 10 Indian languages. Since its launch, CyberSmart has empowered more than 400,000 learners, including teachers, parents and students, to navigate cyberspace safely.

The WCF team will train over 800 TMF facilitators to use the CyberSmart portal to raise awareness about cybersafe behaviour among children. The children will be issued a digital certificate after they successfully complete the training on the portal.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Tech Mahindra Foundation to fulfil a timely need – ensuring children’s safety in cyberspace. WCF’s vision is to ensure that every child in the country is aware of cybersafety and is empowered to ward off the dangers lurking online. We are glad to have found a partner in Tech Mahindra Foundation to work towards this goal,” said Keshav R. Murugesh, Group CEO, WNS.
“With digital platforms becoming integral to education today, cybersafety awareness is a must-know, especially for vulnerable groups such as children and youth. As part of our agenda under the Child Protection Committee at TMF, we are glad to partner with WNS Cares Foundation on this mission to make cyberspace safe for our children and youth. I hope that the interactive and multimedia format of the CyberSmart portal will aid deeper absorption and wider reach on this subject that has assumed great relevance in today’s time,” said Rakesh Soni, CEO, Tech Mahindra Foundation.
“CyberSmart was created as a simple yet effective platform with age-appropriate modules that test for understanding at every stage with interactive quizzes. The portal allows for a unique blend of online and offline methodologies to help emphatically drive the message of cybersafety. This collaboration with Tech Mahindra Foundation will enhance the reach of CyberSmart and help generate awareness among thousands of children across India,” said Shamini Murugesh, Honorary Chief Mentor, WCF.

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