Home Press Release CSR: Yoga Bar shares 1 lakh bars amongst the marginalised communities

CSR: Yoga Bar shares 1 lakh bars amongst the marginalised communities

We are all grappling with a lot in these unprecedented times. Yet, as we all come together to battle this second wave of Covid-19, spreading hope and positivity is equally important. Yoga Bar, the healthy snack brand, is trying to do that both offline and online.
To begin with, they are sharing 100,000 Yoga Bars with relevant NGOs to ensure health and nutrition to people affected by Covid in low-income localities, especially the marginalised communities including transgender and homeless children. The brand is also urging good Samaritans to step forward and help connect such localities in need. All you need to do is write-in directly to the brand on their Instagram with all details of the localities.
This campaign also encourages the thought process of “sharing is caring” amongst people. Addressing everyone’s anxiety and mental health issues, YogaBar has started a weekly series Happy News Digest, collecting the best news from India and the world, and bringing it straight to people’s Instagram feed. The brand is also posting daily self-care check-ins, helping us all to focus on our own mental and physical well-being in these trying times.
In the words of Suhasini Sampath, Co-founder & CEO, “Every small good deed counts and we are hoping through this campaign we will urge people to come forward and help us bring a little positivity and care into the lives of underprivileged people, as we all battle the second wave. Our campaign is two-fold, we hope to make a difference with our healthful and nutritious products to people in need, and we hope to bring the same healthy approach to our social media by becoming a platform that spreads positivity.”

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