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Waste Generators Become The Recyclers

Classrooms made from waste

Waste Management is a pressing problem faced by the metro cities in India. The urban citizens of India are used to consuming all kinds of branded products available in the city, making them a large percentage of waste generators. Lacking awareness about the importance of its management, or being plain ignorant towards it, the majority of waste generated is left untreated saturating the landfills around the city.

Dumping the waste in landfills is no solution. It does nothing but moves the location of the waste away from the generators. In order to be able to have a sustainable environment, it is important to recycle the waste. And to accomplish this, it is important to develop a system where the waste creators are the ones who take responsibility of recycling.

Taking responsibility of the waste created by them, Tetra Pak, the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company, supported by RUR Greenlife, is mobilizing more Mumbaikars to join the movement of carton recycling with the launch of the 175th used carton collection center at ALM 116 Park, Bandra.

With an aim of adding 25 more collection centers, making total number of such centers in Mumbai to 200, the initiative’s core objective is that every used Tetra Pak carton be recycled into useful items. To make this possible through this citizens’ movement – Cartons Le Aao Classroom Banao – Mumbaikars can now head over to a number of collection centers including 45 Reliance Retail and Sahakari Bhandar outlets across the city to deposit their used Tetra Pak cartons. The collected cartons are then recycled into school, stationery and many other useful items creating better learning environment for the lesser privileged. The organization is also running a comprehensive digital and on-ground campaign to raise awareness about the initiative and inspire Mumbaikars.

“Right from waste generators to waste managers, everybody has to take the responsibility for waste management. Through the Cartons Le Aao, Classroom Banao initiative we hope to bring in an impactful change,” said Asif Zakharia, Corporator of H West Ward, Bandra.

Today, Mumbaikars have access to 45 Sahakari Bhandar, Reliance Fresh, Reliance Smart stores and other Public Access Points that they can deposit used cartons at. Additionally, there are 130 Private Access Points like RWAs and schools that collect thousands of cartons every year. Details of the access points can be found at www.cartonsleaao.com.

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