Home Press Release Universal Sompo General Insurance adopts a village in Maharashtra to develop it 

Universal Sompo General Insurance adopts a village in Maharashtra to develop it 

Mumbai, Maharashtra: Universal Sompo General Insurance Company Ltd adopts Tung village, in the Maval sub-district of Maharashtra. Universal Sompo committed to pledging INR 50 Lac in developmental activities in the village. The village developmental project was launched on 02nd September 2022 at a public function in the village attended by Universal Sompo officials. This was followed by sharing details of the project with the village chief and the entire community and simultaneously introducing the physician who would supervise healthcare-related activities. The main problems, according to Universal Sompo, that are prevalent in the village are lack of suitable skills among women, resulting in little scope for women to earn.
This is further exacerbated by the lack of knowledge among women on financial planning and digital literacy. Small scale farms prevent the employment of modern and efficient farming methods. Farmers have limited access to water for agricultural activities, restricting the farmer’s income. Additionally, the village, which majorly cultivates rice, lacks a paddy thresher machine. No access to primary health care facilities or private clinics within the village or in surrounding villages. Use of Chulah for cooking purposes by poor members of the community, which has been flagged as a health hazard. Fluctuating electricity supply, resulting in darkness in the village and threat to life from snake, and scorpion bites.
The project primarily aims to educate the women in the village on digital literacy and farm animal (veterinary) treatment. To boost enterprise, women from the village will be trained to utilise digital platforms like Google Pay, and YouTube, along with various social media platforms for developing businesses. The project also aims to equip 60% of the households in the village with solar lights, helping 200 families with reduced electricity bills. Smokeless chulas (stoves) and led tube lights are being distributed to poor families in the village to promote the conservation of the environment in the village. Additionally, the project aims to increase the groundwater level in the village, with artificial recharges to conserve water.
Commenting on the project, Mr. Sharad Mathur, Managing Director & CEO, Universal Sompo General Insurance shared, ”The village development activities have been designed after a thorough Gap Analysis, in accordance with the company’s ESG policies and objectives, and strives to enhance the livelihoods of women and farmers by empowering Women Self Help organisations, establishing family and community-based businesses, introducing new agricultural practices, adopting environment-friendly technologies, and institutionalising sustainability”.
To improve farming efficiency, the community-based enterprise has been provided with a paddy thresher machine that would be beneficial for 80% of the farmers in the village. Farmers would also be trained in improved agricultural practices. Additionally, clusters of Mango and Papaya plants are being planted, which would assure farmers additional income after 3-4 years. Universal Sompo General Insurance would work with the village community members on healthcare activities. An awareness campaign on the nutritional importance of vegetables in mid-day meals will be conducted for primary children. All village members are being supported on healthcare initiatives.
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