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CSR: SBI General associates with Inali Foundation to support ‘Limbs on Wheels’ towards distribution of robotic limbs

SBI General Insurance, one of India’s leading General Insurance companies, associated with Inali Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims at providing affordable robotic upper limbs to those who have lost them in an accident or don’t have them by birth. Under the CSR project, SBI General has contributed towards distribution of over 260 limbs in rural parts of the states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh
As per reports, nearly 0.5 million people in India are amputated each year, with 23,500 more being added to the figure each year. Almost 85% of these amputees live without a proper solution. SBI General has provided support to the Inali Foundation, as part of its CSR programme, in response to the rise in these tragic accidents each year, the economic divide and lack of healthcare infrastructure in rural areas, which make it difficult for people to access medical care for the fixation of prosthetic limbs.
These limbs can be categorized as robotic limbs where beneficiaries can experience 3 finger movement and hold up to 10kgs weight and with certain amount of exercise utmost utilization of the limb is possible. Through limbs on wheels, SBI General has tried to bridge the gap by funding the cost and holding camps thereby providing artificial limbs to the beneficiaries.
Mr. Kishore Kumar Poludasu, MD & CEO, SBI General Insurance said, “While the population segment with amputated limbs is significant and increasing every year, not all of them can afford surgery or artificial limbs. We at SBI General, are glad to be able to make a significant difference to such population by contributing to this cause in enabling people functional robotic limbs that will help the end-users restore their self-confidence, giving each recipient a new lease on life. We at SBI General had supported this project for the past 2 years and helped in facilitating ‘limbs on wheels.
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