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The Ultimate CSR Report of Adani Enterprises Limited

Adani Foundation
Adani Enterprises Limited focuses on establishing new businesses in the Natural Resources, Transport & Logistics, Utility and Strategic segments. Since the Company’s listing in 1994, it has maximised value for stakeholders, while contributing to nation-building. Over the last 30 years, Adani Enterprises Limited has widened its presence across key industries, establishing itself as a potent force. Adani Enterprises Limited is presently focused on businesses related to airports, roads, water, data centres, solar manufacturing, defence and aerospace, edible oils and foods, mining, integrated resource solutions and integrated agri-supply chain.
In the dynamic landscape of corporate responsibility, Adani Enterprises stands as a beacon of commitment to sustainable development and social welfare. As one of India’s largest integrated infrastructure players, Adani Enterprises has not only made substantial strides in the business world but has also actively embraced its role in shaping a better and more inclusive society. Beyond the realms of profit and growth, the conglomerate has dedicated itself to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), recognizing the profound impact businesses can have on the communities they serve.
Adani Enterprises, under the visionary leadership of Gautam Adani, has consistently demonstrated a deep-seated belief in the principle that success should not be measured solely in financial terms but also in the positive contributions made to society. This commitment is evident in the company’s comprehensive CSR initiatives, which go beyond mere compliance and reflect a genuine desire to create lasting, positive change.
In our #LetsTalkCSR series, let us delve into the various facets of Adani Enterprises’ CSR endeavours, exploring the strategic vision, key focus areas, and tangible impact of its initiatives.

1. CSR of Adani Enterprises

The CSR initiatives of Adani Enterprises are deeply rooted in the core philosophy of ‘Growth with Goodness,’ serving as a guiding principle for sustainable development across its portfolio of companies. Committed to expanding its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) footprint, Adani Enterprises places a significant emphasis on climate protection and community outreach. The company’s CSR programs are intricately woven around the principles of sustainability, diversity, and shared values, reflecting a holistic approach to corporate responsibility. Through these initiatives, Adani Enterprises seeks not only to drive economic growth but also to foster a positive impact on the environment and society, embodying its commitment to responsible and ethical business practices.
Adani Enterprises, in adherence to Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013, surpassed its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mandate for the financial year 2022-23. The CSR Committee of the company disclosed a comprehensive CSR expenditure of Rs. 17.75 crores, surpassing the stipulated obligation of Rs. 17.47 crores by Rs. 0.28 crore. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to exceeding regulatory requirements and actively engaging in social responsibility initiatives.

2. Adani Foundation

The Adani Foundation, functioning as the CSR arm of the Adani Group, operates across 19 states and 5753 villages, impacting the lives of over 7.3 million individuals. The CSR program is designed to address the diverse needs of underprivileged communities, focusing on key areas such as education, healthcare, safety measures, sanitization, sustainable livelihood development, and infrastructure enhancement. By engaging in these initiatives, the foundation aims to contribute to community development and uplift those facing socio-economic challenges. Notably, the Adani Foundation’s CSR efforts are aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, reflecting a strategic approach to addressing global challenges at the grassroots level.
Since 1996, the Adani Foundation, functioning as the community engagement arm of the Adani Group, has maintained a commitment to strategic social investments aimed at fostering sustainable outcomes across India. Recognised for its inquisitive and innovative problem-solving approach, the Foundation challenges the status quo and adopts novel solutions with the goal of achieving sustainable impacts. Its emphasis on building institutions and prioritising sustainability contributes to the well-being, dignity, and economic prosperity of communities surrounding Adani businesses and beyond.

Key CSR Initiatives of Adani Enterprises

3. Initiatives in Education

The Adani Foundation actively commits to ensuring the availability and affordability of quality education for a broad spectrum of children. It operates numerous cost-free and subsidized schools across India, implementing a range of projects to enhance both the soft and hard infrastructure of education and its delivery. The foundation reaches out to progressive learners in government schools, providing digital tools and classrooms to enable advanced and simplified learning. Moreover, it actively supports young minds in competitive education through coaching and scholarships for deserving students. Notably, the foundation plays a crucial role in facilitating learning for those left behind through evening classes.

3.1 Adani Vidya Mandir

Adani Vidya Mandir, Surguja, was established in 2013 with the noble vision of imparting free and quality education to meritorious children from the district of Surguja. The school, which began its journey eight years ago with 208 students, houses 734 students from LKG to Class-X. The school, which provides free study materials, uniforms, food and transportation, is acclaimed as a ‘Temple of Knowledge’ in and around Surguja. The CBSE affiliated school is run by Adani Foundation under the aegis of Dr. Priti G. Adani. The serene ambience and lush campus, competent faculty and learner-friendly infrastructure are the attractions at Adani Vidya Mandir.

Adani Vidya Mandir

3.2 Special Coaching Classes

Adani Foundation conducted a free coaching class for Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Examination in Village Karwahi. In the rural tribal area, talented children could not get guidance regarding the entrance examination of Navodaya Vidyalaya, which deprived them of being selected. Adani Foundation arranged free coaching through the audio and video media.

4. Initiatives in Health

4.1 Mumbai airport’s year of medical camps

During the period from April 2022 to March 2023, Mumbai Airport actively organized a series of medical camps dedicated to fostering health and well-being within its community. A total of 2,422 participants engaged in these initiatives, availing themselves of a variety of essential medical services. The airport community’s spirit of giving and compassion was evident in the success of 3 blood donation drives, attracting 1,599 participants.
The diverse health needs of the community were addressed through various specialized camps, including 3 bone density camps focusing on osteoporosis, 3 heart checkup camps, 3 body composition analysis camps, and an eye checkup camp. Community engagement extended beyond the airport staff with the inclusion of 2 free diabetes camps, benefiting taxi drivers, stakeholders, and local residents.
These medical camps not only underscore the airport’s commitment to the health and welfare of its people but also promote a sense of community care and well-being. The active participation and diverse offerings in these camps contribute to creating a healthier and more connected airport community.

4.2 Rural Health Check Camps

Adani Foundation and Wockhardt Foundation ran a programme that provided primary healthcare to 18 villages of Tamnar. With its outreach, the Mobile Medicare Unit system proved instrumental in addressing the needs of disadvantaged communities. The mobile medicare unit is a comprehensive Mobile Medicare Health Programme that provides mobility, affordability, accessibility, availability and awareness.
Adani Rural health check camps
MHCU covered 25 to 40 km from the centre and visited three villages a day. MMU healthcare services included free doctor’s consultation, distribution of medicines, diagnostic tests and referral to other healthcare facilities.

5. Women Empowerment

In the realm of women’s empowerment, the Adani Foundation is guided by the conviction, echoing Gandhiji’s beliefs, that the education of women is paramount for community empowerment. The foundation’s initiatives in women’s empowerment are dedicated to providing opportunities for rural women to effectively exercise their choices and abilities.
In Surguja, Chhattisgarh, the foundation initiated MUBSS, a women’s cooperative designed to empower rural women through skill development and socio-economic progress. Through MUBSS, women have not only gained livelihood support and enhanced skills but have also improved their social status. With monthly incomes ranging from 3,000 to 12,000, these women achieve financial self-reliance, enabling them to acquire personal assets. The project has also catalyzed positive shifts in health practices, such as increased toilet usage and the adoption of sanitary pads, resulting in a reduction in the incidence of diseases.
The impact of the cooperative transcends economic dimensions, extending to social empowerment. Women have gained access to public services, enhanced negotiating power, and improved food security, health, and nutrition. Women’s cooperatives play a pivotal role in facilitating market accessibility, resources, education, and the establishment of inclusive and sustainable business models, thereby contributing to the social and economic development of rural areas. Through its women empowerment initiatives, the Adani Foundation aims to uplift individual women, their families, and entire communities, aligning with its commitment to education and empowerment for all.

6. Assam Floods 2022

In response to the Assam floods of 2022, the Adani Foundation actively provided timely assistance to more than 7,000 victims. Commencing relief efforts on June 27, 2022, immediately following heavy rainfall in the state, the Foundation addressed the significant challenges and distress faced by residents, especially those in rural areas. Numerous individuals, accompanied by their livestock, sought refuge in camps, along roadsides, and embankments due to the devastating floods.
The Foundation focused its efforts on restoring normalcy for those who suffered, swiftly allocating resources to address the most critical needs of the affected communities. Initially identifying the four worst-hit districts—Kamrup, Barpeta, Morigaon, and Darrang, all within 100 kilometers of Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (LGBIA) in Guwahati—the Foundation concentrated on areas with a significant low-income and tribal population.
Following the relief guidelines of the Assam state, the Foundation procured essential relief materials, including food, in collaboration with the respective district administration. The distribution of relief material kits was closely monitored by a team of Guwahati Airport employees, ensuring adherence to local administration records. Panchayats, self-help groups, youth clubs, and other civil society organizations actively participated in the final distribution process. In total, over 7,500 families in Kamrup, Barpeta, Darrang, and Morigoan received relief material kits, each containing items such as rice, pulses, vegetables, cooking oil, spices, biscuits, drinking water, ORS, daily hygiene essentials, tea, sugar, milk, and matchboxes.

7. Sports

Archery Training

In Raigarh’s Tamar area, the Adani Foundation actively empowers tribal children by tapping into their innate talent for archery. The Foundation, through coaching and the provision of necessary facilities, strives to instill a genuine passion for the sport among these children. The training initiative commenced in August 2022 at Government Atmanand School Tamar, where 12 tribal children, including Arti Birhor, embarked on their archery journey. Notably, these children were later selected to participate in divisional, state, and national-level competitions, showcasing their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication.
The Adani Foundation extends support to these children by providing archery equipment, attire, nutritious meals, and transportation. Participation in various competitions has exposed them to large-scale tournaments, fostering a competitive spirit and instilling values of sportsmanship. The Foundation remains committed to diligently coaching these children, ensuring they realize their full potential in upcoming tournaments.
This archery empowerment initiative is an integral part of the Adani Foundation’s holistic social development programs in the tribal-dominated Tamar area. Encompassing education, skill development, healthcare, and infrastructure, this initiative reflects the Foundation’s dedication to nurturing the passion for archery among tribal youth, thereby offering them avenues for both personal and athletic growth.


Adani Enterprises has been taking its CSR initiatives as it takes its business. It focuses on making its initiatives self-sustainable in order to effectively contribute to nation-building and development.