Home Press Release CSR: Rare Planet launches “#HarGharDurga” campaign to support Rural Indian idol makers

CSR: Rare Planet launches “#HarGharDurga” campaign to support Rural Indian idol makers

RarePlanet- a young start-up focused on uplifting rural karigars has announced the new digital campaign –“#HarGharDurga” . During the current unprecedented times when all the industries are in a recovery state, the Indian artisans like- idol karigars might just be relying on the upcoming festive season to earn a sufficient amount. Most of the idol karigars are majorly dependent on the festive season to make sufficient amounts. However, due to COVID- 19, this time huge idols and immersions are being avoided and people are restricting celebrations to their house. Through the campaign “#HarGharDurga”, the brand is aiming at highlighting the situation to consumers urging them to opt for Durga idols made from terracotta by Indian rural karigars this year.

Under the campaign, Rare Planet plans to spread awareness around how the idol that we choose can bring happiness to these karigars. The startup will also provide its platform to these idol makers to sell their products under the special festive collection named “#HarGharDurga”.It is further offering One-Day delivery in major cities across the country through their own online platform and market place online portals like Amazon ,Flipkart. The Idosl are also present in Retail with Crossword , Starmark and WHSmith India.

“Due to the pandemic, people might not be able to visit Durga Puja Pandals to worship like earlier years and worship the breathtaking statues of Goddess Durga. This will hit the kargiars who are dependent on the festive season to earn their livelihood. Therefore, a huge number of karigars are putting their efforts to create terracotta miniatures, so that they can earn some amount. We request people to come forward and acknowledge their efforts and help these karigars to become atmanirbhar. If you buy their artwork on our platform, we will deliver it to your doorstep offering utmost convenience to you,” said Mr. Ranodeep Saha- CO-Founder and CEO, Rare Planet.

The brand operates through an e-commerce website and 100 + offline outlets pan India. Currently, it has a network of 2000 number of karigars across the country. It further plans to widen its artisans network to source their products and provide them with livelihood opportunities.

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