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CSR: Quality Healthcare For All

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Healthcare service in Rural India is still a vision for the future. In a country where the majority resides in villages, not having excellent healthcare services is a big setback. With a vision of ‘Quality Healthcare for All’, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & Medical Research Centre initiated a Rural Health Program called ‘Serve with Passion’. The program, running since 2011 provides healthcare services free of cost to the poorest of communities in the rural areas of Jawhar taluka, Maharashtra, and has witnessed over 2.75 lakh patient visits till date.

In September 2016, the Health Ministry of the State of Maharashtra also commissioned the program to conduct joint weekly outpatient clinics in the Primary Health Centres of Jawhar Taluka. The Serve with Passion Program is managed by Usha Raheja, daughter of late Lalita & Giridhar Hinduja. “The mission of P. D. Hinduja Hospital’s Rural Health Program is to help in early detection of illness, prevention through health awareness and providing free primary care at the villages. Patients who require advanced care are brought to the hospital and provided treatment free of cost,” said Usha Raheja, Trustee, P. D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC.

The program is supported by a fleet of Basic and Advanced Mobile Health Units (MHUs), which are equipped with diagnostic equipment, GPS tracking system and medicines. The team of doctors, nurses and medical staff from the hospital travel along with the MHUs. As a part of prevention, the team takes a holistic approach by focusing on nutrition, safe water, health education and sanitation for all the patients and villagers.

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