Home Press Release CSR: Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai Crowdsources Artwork for a Cause

CSR: Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai Crowdsources Artwork for a Cause

Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai one of the country’s largest and most sought after lifestyle & luxury destinations launched a unique social engagement initiative to bring its community together to support those in need while creating a symbolic piece of artwork with crowdsourced facets, now unveiled at the mall. The mall has steadily sustained its endeavour to patronize and curate pioneering initiatives within the arts, pushing the envelope and blurring the line between retail and aesthetics. However, this time the massive destination mall has decided to begin this endeavour for a cause. With an online crowdsourced campaign, Messages of Hope from customers, followers and the online community were invited to share messages of positivity and the spirit of togetherness and for each message shared online, Phoenix Marketcity, Mumbai sponsored nutritious food for a child in need through Bal Asha Trust.
All these messages were then woven into a stunning piece of artwork, that has drawn attention not only for its depth of meaning but also for its striking beauty. The campaign received an overwhelming response from people of all walks of life contributing to express their gratitude to the community and those who have been helping others in this hour of need. On the canvas, we see children painting a rainbow, representing the youthful spirit in each of us that will be the agents of remaking our world. And the rainbow, a timeless symbol of hope, is strung together by the crowdsourced messages shared by the community. Each message represents a child in need of being fed, making for a canvas that manifests the community coming together for social good. The children and the rainbow are shown bringing colour back into the world, as the messages and deeds of each member of the community have brought colour back into the world.
Executive Director of Bal Asha, Sunil Arora, shared: “We at Bal Asha Trust thank Phoenix Marketcity for their generous support through this campaign to help malnourished children.   This support will provide nutrition to children for a better tomorrow, especially in these times when they require good immunity.”
The initiative is planned in collaboration with SaltScout, a social enterprise that promotes market-based approaches to support social causes.
The digital artwork is conceptualized and created by Medha Srivastava, who was named among India’s Best Illustrators by Creative Gaga, and whose versatility – from paintings on social issues and digital media to cosplay – makes for an unmatched artistic range.
Mr Amit Kumar Senior Centre Director, Phoenix Marketcity, West, said: “We are delighted to see the community lead the way in spreading the message of light and hope. We believe art installations inspire and enliven the spirits of the customers. Phoenix Marketcity has steadily sustained the endeavour to patronize and curate initiatives within the arts, pushing the envelope and blurring the line between retail and aesthetics. With the current situation, this particular installation has been commissioned to instil hope, gratitude and positivity in our guests and everyone visiting the mall. We also thank Bal Asha Trust and SaltsScout for their important work and untiring dedication to caring for underprivileged children, undaunted by challenges, and continuing to waive the banner of hope.”
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