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CSR: Women inmates of Tihar Jail trained in garment construction

New Delhi, India: The fashion and design education powerhouse Pearl Academy, recently felicitated former Tihar Jail inmates at its Delhi campus for successfully completing courses in pattern making and garment construction of Indian wear. The ceremony, graced by IPS Sanjay Beniwal, Director-General (Prisons) of Tihar Jail, celebrated the transformative journey of these individuals and their journey towards rehabilitation and empowerment.
Tihar Pearl Academy Fashion Laboratory in Tihar’s Jail No 6 was set up in 2017, when IPS Sudhir Yadav, former Director-General of Tihar Jail, collaborated with Professor Bela Gupta, Fashion Design at Pearl Academy, to provide skill-based training to inmates. Recognising the potential to empower and rehabilitate individuals through education and training, Pearl Academy laid the foundation for a comprehensive program aimed at skill development and empowerment.
Spearheaded by Prof. Bela Gupta, Head of the Project, a program was introduced offering a three-month course that covered various aspects of garment making, including pattern making, embroidery, printing, and tie-n-dye techniques. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty from Pearl Academy, inmates receive training equivalent to that provided at the institution’s campuses, empowering them with valuable skills and knowledge. The program has trained over 300 women inmates to date, many of whom have transitioned to employment opportunities both within and outside the prison walls.
Highlighting Pearl Academy’s collaborative approach that extends beyond training, providing ongoing projects and opportunities for former inmates, Aditi Srivastava, President, Pearl Academy said, “The opportunity to conduct these activities within Tihar Jail holds immense significance. It’s a deeply moving experience. Personally, I was moved to tears witnessing the profound sense of purpose among the participants and hearing their heartfelt testimonials. It reinforces our commitment to continue providing opportunities for education and empowerment. The sense of purpose and the impact shared by those involved serve as a powerful driving force, motivating us to strive for equality and excellence in every aspect of the training we offer.”
Alongside regular machines, the Pearl Academy Laboratory at Tihar Jail now boasts a total of 30 units, including single lock-stitch machines, two industrial ironing machines, knitwear machines and fusing machine. Additionally, Pearl Academy has set up a photographic machine for screen printing and a rotary machine, significantly boosting the training capabilities at the lab. Dedicated faculty from Pearl Academy provide training to the inmates at Tihar Jail from 9 am to 5 pm daily.
IPS, Sanjay Beniwal, Director General, Prisons Tihar Complex acknowledged the transformative impact of Pearl Academy’s initiative at Tihar Jail. He said, “The program conducted within its walls brightens the atmosphere, infusing smiles, laughter, and most importantly, hope into the lives of inmates. Pearl Academy ignites a newfound ambition within these individuals, inspiring them to aspire towards careers in fashion and design. The Pearl Academy Laboratory serves as a beacon, guiding them from a place of despair to one of hope and possibility. It’s a journey of resilience, symbolising the phoenix-like rise from the depths of hopelessness to the heights of aspiration.”
Director General, Beniwal also talks about the impact on the lives of female inmates and their journey towards rehabilitation, a pivotal moment when inmates begin to settle down, steering their trajectories towards positive change. As they engage in learning and creative expression, particularly through initiatives like Pearl Academy’s program, inmates experience a profound shift. Even those hardened by their past find themselves transformed. The inner turmoil that once consumed them begins to dissipate as they harness their inner energies in constructive ways. Through this process, anger and agitation diminish, replaced by acceptance and the recognition of a path forward from their current circumstances. From emotional turmoil to a sense of self-worth, the journey is marked by rediscovery. In this journey, inmates come to understand their own value, identify their strengths, and find joy in their pursuits. Beniwal, calls it “Na ummedi se umeedi ka safar (Journey from despondency to hope)”.
A short film on the Pearl Academy Laboratory at the Tihar Jail was also played during the ceremony, highlighting the innovative approach and collaborative efforts involved in the initiative. The felicitation ceremony served as a testament to the transformative power of education and rehabilitation, highlighting the journey of these individuals towards a brighter future.
Pearl Academy continues to support former inmates by providing employment opportunities and projects to keep them engaged and productive. Leveraging its network, the institution fosters collaboration and inclusion, empowering individuals to reintegrate into society with dignity and purpose.



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