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Uninterrupted Supply of Essential Goods Sourcing & Delivery during Lockdown

SOLV, a B2B digital platform for MSMEs backed by the Standard Chartered Group, announced its partnership with Bangalore-based NGO Akshay Patra Foundation to connect Akshay Patra to a robust network of MSMEs on SOLV’s platform, engaged in supplying essential goods. The partnership will not only ensure the smooth delivery of supplies to the foundation’s kitchens but also help sustain several kirana stores & small businesses engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of essential food supplies.
With the partnership, SOLV is helping Akshay Patra during the current Covid-19 lockdown with sourcing materials for their Covid-19 Relief Feeding Program which aims to support the needy with 1 crore cooked meals and 5 lakh packaged grocery kits. Going forward, SOLV also aims to source and deliver raw materials for the foundation’s flagship mid-day meal scheme that provides fresh nutritious meals every school day to children in government schools and government-aided schools.
Akshay Patra first collaborated with SOLV during the start of the current Covid-19 nation-wide lockdown when there was an unprecedented disruption created in inventory and raw materials supply-chain for its kitchens to sustain ongoing programs. SOLV was able to leverage its network of hundreds of MSMEs as well as its logistics partners to source and deliver 300+ metric tonnes of raw materials to Akshay Patra within 2 days. This initial success and experience led to the forging of a longer-term partnership for SOLV to support Akshay Patra with its supply-chain services and sourcing partners.
Commenting on the partnership, Nitin Mittal, CEO and Founder, SOLV, said, “SOLV has continuously been working with our MSME and delivery partners to maintain an uninterrupted supply of essentials to NGOs, kiranas, small hospitals and others during the lockdown crisis. We are very pleased to partner with and support an NGO like Akshay Patra Foundation to ensure they can continue with their programs during this situation and after, without worrying about supply-chain interruptions or disruptions.”
“SOLV not only helped us keep our supply-chain operational when the COVID19 outbreak led to unavailability of essential supplies but also demonstrated reliability and on-time delivery with excellent sourcing support, crucial in times of crisis like these,” said Vishwas Ujire, Head – Food Procurement, Akshay Patra Foundation. “We look forward to continuing this successful association with SOLV as we to expand the reach of our flagship programs across the country.”
During the current crisis being faced by the SME sector due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, SOLV is playing a critical role by leveraging its B2B commerce platform for SMEs in new ways. SOLV is using the strength of MSME network and resources on its platform; connecting sourcing units like tier 2 manufacturers and villages on the one hand and delivery channels on the other, to deliver essential goods to kiranas, RWAs, NGOs and small hospitals.