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CSR collaboration to raise awareness on Glaucoma

New Delhi, India: Sightsavers India, a development organisation working to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equality of opportunity for people with disability, has collaborated with AbbVie Therapeutics India Pvt Limited to spearhead a joint campaign to enhance glaucoma awareness. This often overlooked yet widespread eye ailment impacts millions across India, necessitating urgent attention and education.
Glaucoma, a leading cause of irreversible blindness in the country, affects approximately 1.2 million individuals and contributes to 5.5% of total blindness cases1. Recognising the urgent need to address this public health challenge, Sightsavers India and AbbVie Therapeutics India Pvt Limited India have initiated a concerted campaign to educate the public about glaucoma risk factors, encourage regular eye check-ups, and promote early detection and treatment.
The awareness campaign, spanning 15 months, encompasses offline and online activities, including national and regional consultations, glaucoma screening camps, digital outreach through a dedicated microsite and social media promotions, and educational jingles.
Managing Director of AbbVie India, Suresh Pattathil said, “AbbVie India is pleased to partner with Sightsavers India to advance public health, engage diverse audiences, and promote informed decision-making about glaucoma throughout India.
With prevalence rates of glaucoma ranging from 1.7% to 3.5% in individuals aged 40 and above and a staggering 75-80% of cases remaining undiagnosed, the urgency of our collaborative efforts cannot be overstated, and by addressing this, we can progress towards a future where sight loss is preventable and manageable.
Through this concerted campaign, we aim to bridge gaps in understanding and access to care, empowering individuals to take proactive steps in preserving their vision. By shining a spotlight on glaucoma, we aspire to foster a culture where eye health is prioritised, resulting in early detection and treatment.”
CEO of Sightsavers India, RN Mohanty, said, “Our collaboration with AbbVie India signifies a pivotal step forward in our mission to initiate the conversation and enhance understanding surrounding glaucoma in India.
With millions at risk of irreversible blindness due to undiagnosed cases, our joint efforts aim to shed light on the complexities of glaucoma, promoting increased awareness and early detection. Together, we strive to pave the path towards a future where every individual can safeguard their vision and enjoy a life unhindered by preventable sight loss.”
The campaign aims to reach a broad audience across India, particularly individuals aged 40 and above, through targeted outreach efforts and engaging content.
Through their joint initiative, Sightsavers India and AbbVie Therapeutics India Pvt Limited India reaffirm their commitment to promoting eye health and preventing avoidable blindness in India. By raising awareness and fostering community engagement, we endeavour to pave the way towards a world where individuals are well-informed about glaucoma and its associated risks.




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