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CSR: Saffola hosts Iftar gathering for lesser privileged families in Kochi during Ramadan

Kochi, India: Amidst the holy month of Ramadan, Saffola, one of the leading FMCG brands from the house of Marico Limited, hosted an Iftar gathering for 100 lesser privileged families in Kochi. The brand celebrated the joy and spirit of giving by distributing biryani and the super-rich festive delicacy – Kheer made with Saffola Oats. The initiative was undertaken in collaboration with NGO – Robin Hood Army at Kalvathi Juma Mosque and Rahmania Juma Mosque.
The divine month of Ramadan is a time to spread joy through selfless actions while fostering stronger relationships with the community. Echoing the emotion, Saffola participated in the month of Ramadan by distributing meal kits to the lesser privileged.
The meal kits had everybody’s favorite Ramadan festive delicacies – Biriyani & Kheer. The kheer was made even more delightful and creamy by soft grains of Saffola Oats. This magic ingredient not only enhances the dish with its richness and creaminess but also is high in fibre that keeps you fuller for longer.
The event hosted by Saffola along with the Robin Hood Army saw the community come together with big smiles to enjoy the nutritious meal thereby spreading a mutual feeling of love amongst everyone.
Sharing his thoughts on the event, a spokesperson from Marico said, “We are excited to participate in the Ramadan festivities and bring joy to the community and spread the magic of oats. Happy to partner with Robin Hood Army to make a small but meaningful impact in the lives of other families. We firmly believe that nutrition plays a crucial role in every family’s well-being and that’s why we are thrilled to be using Saffola Oats as the perfect ingredient for Iftar. By incorporating oats into the traditional dish kheer, we hope to create a tasty and nutritious treat for those in need.”
Dinoj Mayaramachandran, the spokesperson from the Robin Hood Army concluded by saying, “Festivals always bring people closer to their loved ones. We are delighted that Saffola reached out to us for this fruitful association that brought joy and smiles to the families that were present. Saffola Oats was the perfect ingredient to incorporate in the kheer and we are truly delighted by the response all the families have given us. This initiative lets us embrace the true spirit of Ramadan by spreading the magic of oats to those around us. With heartfelt gratitude, we look forward to partner with the Saffola team on many such occasions.”



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