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Delhi’s Partition Museum opens to the public with Embassy Group’s CSR support

New Delhi, India: The Partition Museum, built inside the Dara Shikoh Library Building in New Delhi, is now open to the public after an inauguration by the Government of Delhi on May 18th to coincide with celebrations around International Museum Day. To preserve and further understanding of this crucial time in India’s history in collaboration with The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT), Embassy Group, one of India’s leading developers, contributed Rs. 30 lakh towards the restoration of the museum and illumination for the building.
Jitu Virwani, Chairman & MD, Embassy Group, said, “I congratulate Lady Kishwar Desai and the Government of Delhi on the inauguration of the Partition Museum. It brings me immense joy to be associated with TAACHT and their efforts to preserve and promote our understanding of this vital time in our history. Embassy Group is honoured to have the opportunity to support this significant monument and contribute towards its restoration. This museum will serve as an homage to all the families who were displaced during this time. We remain committed to this initiative and look forward to the completion of the gallery that will be dedicated to the Lost Homeland of Sindh in the coming months, with the support of The Sindhi Culture Foundation.”
Lady Kishwar Desai, Chair of The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT), added, “The opening of the Partition Museum in Delhi, at the Dara Shikoh Library Building, has been a long-awaited dream for The Arts and Cultural Heritage Trust (TAACHT) and would not have been possible without the support of Jitu Virwani and his amazing team at the Embassy Group. The Embassy Group has very generously, through CSR funds, helped TAACHT illuminate this magnificent building. Without these funds, the building lay in darkness for decades and was in a dilapidated condition when we first began working here in 2019–2020. The illumination has promoted the adaptive re-use of the historic building to set up both the Partition Museum and a cultural hub on the premises. Now we are looking forward to the further support of Jitu Virwani and the Embassy Group to create the world’s first gallery dedicated to The Lost Homeland of Sindh, along with The Sindhi Culture Foundation. We do hope other corporates will follow suit and take up similar CSR initiatives to support work on the preservation of art, culture, and heritage. These are legacy projects and will hugely benefit not just heritage and tourism but future generations as well.”




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