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CSR: NIIT Foundation and UNICEF YuWaah to offer Digital Literacy courses to marginalised women 

New Delhi, India: NIIT Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation working towards literacy, has partnered with YuWaah (Generation Unlimited in India) at UNICEF to offer digital literacy courses through UNICEF’s Passport 2 Earning (P2E) portal to over 5000 young women. The primary goal of the programme is to provide skilling to employment pathways to young people, especially women from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities and from marginalised backgrounds.
The P2E programme, which has learners from all states of India, is currently expanding in three districts in Odisha and two districts in Jharkhand. The skilling to employment pathways programme also provides placement opportunities after the successful competition of the course. The initiative has so far impacted 5,000 women and girls who now have access to multiple opportunities.
Highlighting the need for literacy empowerment, Sapna Moudgil, Director, NIIT Foundation, noted, “The transition to the digital world has enabled the need to promote digital and data literacy, equipping individuals to navigate the world around them.
According to a recent survey, data literacy is predicted to be one of the most in-demand skills by 2030[1], further highlighting the pivotal role of data literacy in today’s world. Paired with the fundamental role of education for individual growth, societal advancement, and economic prosperity, NIIT Foundation and YuWaah at UNICEF’s collaboration facilitates us in removing societal and geographical obstacles for female beneficiaries residing across the nation and fostering an inclusive learning environment that caters to all, irrespective of socioeconomic background.”
Dhuwarakha Sriram, Chief of YuWaah at UNICEF noted, “Equipping young women, especially those from less privileged backgrounds, with relevant skills to enter the workforce in some capacity is critical. We are delighted to partner with NIIT Foundation in our endeavour to enable 300 million young people by 2030. Having pathways from skilling to employability empower young women to have more agency, have financial independence, and contribute effectively to the country’s economy. This ultimately creates a ripple effect and is critical to country’s overall growth.”



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