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Metro Shoes Donates Footwear to Migrant Workers

Migrant labourers are struggling to reach their hometown amidst the pandemic that has brought the country and its economy to a halt. Many of them have chosen to walk towards their homes. The long miles, blistering heat and inadequate food and water have made their struggle to reach home a lot harder. As a lot of migrant workers have been walking with broken footwear and some even barefoot, Metro shoes partnered with United Way of Mumbai and Rotary Club to donate footwear to migrant workers as a part of their ‘Metro Cares’ initiative.
Since the pandemic, Metro Shoes has constantly been involved in measures to support the migrant workers affected by the pandemic. Previously they had distributed ration kits to the migrant labourers with the support of NGO’s like Salaam Bombay Foundation. Talking about this initiative, to support the migrant labourers who are walking, Jayant Shukla, CEO, United Way of Mumbai said, “For the fellow Indians leaving our city, the journey back home is long and arduous. Many of them are having to walk back hundreds of kilometres without adequate food, water, rest or even footwear. We are glad that the support of Metro Shoes will provide those who are walking with the basic footwear they need on their journey back home.”
Aziz Fidai, Head CSR from Metro shoes added, “In this time of distress, we aim to enable migrant workers to return to their homes comfortably. Ration and footwear distribution are small endeavours towards the same. We hope to continue extending our support to them, however, big or small.”
Mr. Rajendra Ruia, from Rotary Club said, “We distributed basic and comfortable footwear range by Metro shoes in Thane – Majiwada and Fountain area, under our Jeevan Rath Platform. The on-ground implementation was done by MAHA C19 PECONet- an alliance of development partners with technical support of UNICEF, Mumbai. This initiative by Metro Shoes is praiseworthy as it ensured that migrant labourers did not have to walk barefoot.”

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