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CSR: Financial Literacy Programme ‘Kona Kona Shiksha’ empowers 68000 young Indians during FY 24

Mumbai, India: Kotak Securities Limited (KSL) announced that it has imparted financial literacy to more than 68000 young Indians through its “Kona Kona Shiksha” initiative in collaboration with the National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) during FY24. “Kona Kona Shiksha” is a CSR initiative launched in July 2021 to promote financial literacy to young citizens of the country.
Since its inception, NISM has conducted 2626 programs at over 1700 colleges across 480 cities and reached 211955 students by empanelling 303 resource persons.
NISM – KSL’s CSR knowledge partner and project manager – imparts “Kona Kona Shiksha” through empanelled Resource Persons who train college students from across India and through online teaching modules to young Indians. Each student undergoes a rigorous 10-hour training module, which concludes with an online assessment and certification by NISM
“Kona Kona Shiksha” empowers students with knowledge on personal finance, fundamentals of investing in securities markets, investment principles and practices, etc. KSL’s CSR Project aims to create financially knowledgeable and skilled youth and to open up career opportunities in the financial services industry.
Shri Ashwani Bhatia, Director, NISM said, “NISM is happy to be associated with Kotak Securities for this awareness programme on Financial Literacy for Young Citizens. This programme has helped many young professionals understand topics ranging from the basics of investment and Securities market, its Institutional framework and its intermediaries and financial services at large. There is a huge unmet appetite for such programmes across India and we are sure that this initiative will reach out to more cities and students in this financial year.”
Narayan SA, Chairman, Kotak Securities, said, “The success of Kona Kona Shiksha is in the numbers. Each year we are reaching more young Indians and imparting financial literacy, enabling them to be finance-savvy individuals. The journey we started in collaboration with NISM has had a significant impact and continues to inspire us to expand the programme across deep Bharat.’’
The feedback from participants has been positive and encouraging so far. In addition to “Kona Kona Shiksha”, Kotak Securities implements its CSR Project on Education & Livelihood in partnership with Kotak Education Foundation (KEF).



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