Home Press Release CSR: Kalpataru organises clean-up drive at Mumbai’s Prabhadevi beach

CSR: Kalpataru organises clean-up drive at Mumbai’s Prabhadevi beach

Mumbai, India: Kalpataru Limited the leading premium and luxury real estate developer in India, conducted the twelfth drive of its Beach Clean-Up initiative at Prabhadevi Beach in Mumbai.
This initiative was conducted on March 25 in association with the Khushiyaan Foundation and it will include additional drives over the next few months. This drive witnessed the participation of enthusiastic volunteers who removed around 266 kgs of waste from the beach while the twelve drives cumulatively collected a whopping 6181 kgs of waste that included large amount of plastic.
The first edition of the Beach Clean-Up Drive was held on January 14th, 2023 when 840 kgs of waste was removed. This gathered waste is handed over to BMC for segregation and recycling.
The volunteers are provided with cleaning tools and safety gears during the drives. The goal of the initiative is to consistently clean Prabhadevi Beach and refurbish its natural beauty and splendor.
The discarded plastic and other waste at beaches cause abundant harm to marine animals while posing a threat to their survival. Additionally, the buildup of garbage can lead to hazardous diseases for humans, such as Dengue and Malaria.
The Beach Clean-Up Drive is a testimony to Kalpataru’s consistent endeavors towards upholding sustainability, enhancing infrastructure, and improving the well-being of society.



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