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CSR News: Hindustan Zinc commits to CEO Water Mandate

Hindustan Zinc, a Vedanta Group Company, is one of the world’s largest and India’s only integrated producer of Zinc-Lead and Silver. Securing water assets is of utmost importance to Hindustan Zinc and integral to its commitment towards sustainable development. For this reason, HZL has endorsed the commitment of water stewardship through the CEO Water Mandate, a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General and the UN Global Compact.
Arun Misra, CEO, Hindustan Zinc said, “Our commitment to CEO Water Mandate not only aligns with our efforts and practices to Sustainable Development Goal 6 but also takes us closer to our vision of becoming 5 times water positive company and reducing freshwater consumption by 25% by 2025.”
CEO Water Management is a commitment platform for business leaders and learners to advance water stewardship. The endorsing companies commit to action across six key elements:
Direct operation,
Supply chain,
Collective action,
Public Policy,
Community Engagement and
With this commitment, Hindustan Zinc will be among 175 companies globally to be committed to advancing water stewardship.
Hindustan Zinc focuses on reducing freshwater use through a number of strategies, including using less water intense technology, recycling wastewater, rainwater harvesting, and more. The company demonstrates its commitment to water stewardship by using water efficiently, maintaining water quality and engaging with communities to collaboratively manage a shared water resource throughout the life cycle.
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