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CSR: Chief Minister of Goa applauds Vedanta Sesa Goa’s technical empowerment initiative for women and youth

Goa, India: Vedanta Sesa Goa has always been committed to supporting the youth of state of Goa through quality skill training programs and believes in providing equal opportunities to everyone. In line with the same, Vedanta Sesa Goa announced few significant initiatives including financial assistance to the Sai Nursing Institute at an event held in Sanquelim, in the distinguished presence of Dr. Pramod Sawant, Hon’ble CM of Goa, Mr. Navin Jaju, CEO- Sesa Goa, Vedanta Limited, Ms. Leena Verenkar, Head ESG, Vedanta, Sesa Goa, Mr. Saptesh Sardesai, CEO- Value Added Business, Vedanta Limited, Mr. Pandurang Kurtikar, Chairman of Sai Nursing Institute, and other dignitaries.
The company handed over a demand draft of Rs. 60 lakhs to the management of Sai Nursing Institute with the aim of upgrading the education facilities for the benefit of the aspiring youth across Goa wishing to pursue a career in the paramedic field.
Vedanta Sesa Goa also initiated a special awareness drive across the Goa state in order to reach out to the aspiring female candidates and motivate them to pursue their careers in technical skills such as fitter, diesel mechanic, electrician, machinist, and instrument mechanic. To further encourage them, the company announced a special scholarship scheme for the first 100 girl student applicants who will enrol in these technical courses, including all ITIs in Goa.
Speaking during the event, Chief Minister of Goa, Dr. Pramod Sawant, applauded Vedanta Sesa Goa and said, “I congratulate Vedanta Sesa Goa for supporting Sai Nursing Institute, which is imparting quality paramedic training for the aspiring youth across Goa state. I also commend Sesa Goa’s efforts to encourage and support girls to excel in technical education through ITI courses and pursue career options in various industries. I urge all the aspiring girls across Goa State to grab this opportunity and utilise this platform to shape their future. I am sure this step will contribute towards our vision of Swayampurna Goa.”
Mr. Navin Jaju, CEO, Sesa Goa, Vedanta Limited, said, “Sesa Goa believes in equal opportunities as the foundation for progress in the digital age. We are excited to introduce a new course Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA) exclusively for women at Sesa Technical School. And by way of offering scholarships, we are encouraging female students to enroll in technical courses across all ITIs in Goa. Furthermore, we are resolute in our support for educational institutions like Sai Nursing Institute, as we recognize the significance of skilling the youths for achieving vision of ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ and ‘Swayampoorna’ Goa.”
During the event, the CSR annual report of Vedanta Sesa Goa for the financial year 2022–23 was also unveiled by the Hon’ble Goa CM and CEO of Sesa Goa, Vedanta Limited, along with other dignitaries. The annual CSR report outlines the company’s major community development initiatives and their socio-economic positive impacts on the communities.
Vedanta Sesa Goa remains committed to empowering communities and fostering sustainable development through its diverse initiatives. The company’s scholarship scheme, annual CSR report, and promotional activities for women-centric technical education courses exemplify Vedanta’s dedication to creating opportunities, supporting education, and nurturing talent in Goa. Vedanta Sesa Goa has been imparting quality skill training to the youth across Goa since 1994 through its Sesa Technical School. Till now, over 1700+ students have passed out of this institute with almost 100% success rate in placements in top-notch companies.



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