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CSR collaboration to build Model Herbal Farm in Gurugram

Gurugram, India: In an effort to protect the natural ecosystem and contribute towards creating a greener Gurugram, Comviva, the global leader in customer experience and data monetization solutions, today announced their mega-plantation drive initiative at Amla Herbal Park in Sohna, Gurugram. This CSR initiative is a collaborative effort on the occasion of the World Earth Day, which is being implemented by its NGO partner Sanshil Foundation.
Comviva has acquired a 12-acres of land in Sohna, Gururgram for the next four years, the maximum term of adoption given to any corporation. Comviva plans to create a herbal park which will be developed with more than 3000 medicinal plants and herbs in their natural habitat.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the Herbal Park, Manoranjan ‘Mao’ Mohapatra, Chief Executive Officer at Comviva said, “World Earth Day serves as a poignant reminder of our collective responsibility to cherish and protect our planet. As we reflect on the environmental hurdles ahead, we envision a future where sustainability reigns supreme. Our commitment to this vision drives us to take proactive steps. Through strategic investments, we are paving the way toward a greener tomorrow and a planet that thrives for generations to come. Today, we proudly announce our initiative to steward a portion of the majestic Aravalli hill range, a symbol of our dedication to Mother Nature. This endeavor is not merely a gesture; it’s a promise—a promise to nurture and preserve, leaving a legacy of sustainability and vitality for all.”
Speaking about this initiative Shilpa Sonal, Founder Director of Sanshil Foundation, said, “Our mission is to transform this neighborhood herbal park into a thriving oasis of biodiversity and sustainability. While a park existed previously, it lacked the tender care it deserved. With this shared responsibility towards a healthy planet in partnership with Comviva, we’re embarking on a journey to revitalize and maintain this green haven. From nurturing indigenous flora and fauna to implementing cutting-edge rainwater harvesting techniques, our collaboration is set to usher in a new era of ecological stewardship.”
Comviva intends to develop this land into a one-of-a-kind herbal farm and also build a forest museum to show case medicinal value of herbal plants. Comviva also plans to distribute herbal saplings for plant lovers. The herbal farm will be equipped with rainwater harvesting and renewable energy features and all efforts will be made for a greener, cleaner, and better environment. The location will also be intalled with solar panels which will satiate the 95 percent requirement of the energy for the park.



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