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CSR News: BlueConch Technologies and employees help rebuild lives amidst COVID-19

The pandemic has affected the lives of millions of people worldwide. The various phases of lockdown have made it worse, especially for the people in rural areas. However, this did not stop BlueConch Technologies from fulfilling their corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Team members from BlueConch Technologies went an extra mile and decided to celebrate their birthdays in a unique way this time. They extended a helping hand to the families of the Bamburde, Tailbaila village who were severely affected by the Nisarga Cyclone. BlueConchers decided to use the funds they would otherwise use for birthday celebrations to buy solar lamps for these villagers.
During the early stage of the pandemic, BlueConchers, along with the Company contributed funds through Citizen Social Responsibility. These funds were donated to Sassoon Hospital Pune. This helped the hospital authorities in buying medicines and the day-to-day necessities to help fulfill their shortfalls. Along with this, they also donated hot/cold water dispensers to the patients affected by COVID-19 and health care workers at Sassoon Hospital.
The COVID-19 volunteers from Pune guided BlueConchers on how to go about making the donation.
This shows that BlueConchers truly go by the saying “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. They acted as change-makers and have been an inspiration for other team members. BlueConchers stepped out of their houses and personally visited the cyclone-affected Tailbaila village even amidst the pandemic to make their contribution. They helped the villagers get back to their normal lives and also ensured safe drinking water for the health workers and patients without the fear of being infected amidst the COVID-19 risk.
The company also joined hands with NGO Goonj to aid in rebuilding the lives of people living in shelters in states of Assam and Bihar. Goonj is a nonprofit that undertakes disaster relief, community development, and humanitarian aid in various parts of the states across India. The company and its employees made a contribution and with the help of Goonj, donated funds raised to these displaced villagers to help rebuild their communities and lives and provide the much-needed aid in form of food, clothing, and shelter.
The company and their community service team, Prerna – Inspiration, have always believed that CSR is a chance to give back to society and to create a happier and stronger community. Employees look forward to carrying out many more acts of kindness by giving back to society and making a difference.
On “Prerna – Inspiration”, Prasanna Joshi, SVP-Finance & Administration (Facility Management), Legal, Procurement, CSR & Immigration says “We believe there is nothing more rewarding and satisfying than giving back to society and making a difference in the lives of people. Our Prerna team along with other BlueConch volunteers have inculcated the habit of Personal Social Responsibility” (PSR) and are always actively involved in contributing to society and being the positive change-makers.”
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