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CSR News: ATCS joins forces with Aasraa Trust and LRF for investing in education CSR initiatives

Advanced Technology Consulting Service, also known as ATCS has collaborated with two prominent foundations – Aasraa Trust and Latika Roy Memorial Foundation (LRF). These organisations are tirelessly working towards upliftment of children with inadequate resources. As a part of the brand’s CSR initiative, ATCS is determined to support children’s education in the country with the aim to reduce illiteracy in India.
A pioneer in the digital space worldwide, ATCS as a brand believes in investing in education as it is a critical tool to the nation’s progress. Sanjul Vaish, Managing Director, ATCS India says, “We are committed to inspiring and building better lives and communities through various initiatives. We ardently believe that every child must have the access to it. Aasraa Trust and Latika Roy Memorial Foundation share our beliefs therefore making them the perfect partners for this CSR partnership. It is an honour to be associated with these two foundations profoundly working towards the initiatives we deeply support.”
Aasraa Trust is a registered trust, committed to the cause of underserved children. It has been working with out-of-school street and slum children in Dehradun since 2009, with the belief that there is no unreachable or unteachable child. The foundation has a vision for each of its child from the streets and slums. They assiduously work towards education and vocational training combined with health care, nutrition and clothing.
LRF, registered under the Societies Act of 1860, has been a force for inclusion in North India for nearly 25 years. Founded in 1994 and based out of Dehradun, the organization works with children and young adults with disabilities. The foundation provides creative diagnostics, education and therapy to children and adults focusing on those who fall financially and socially outside the reach of mainstream education and support services. They operate seven centres for hundreds of children from infancy to 21 years of age.
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