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CSR: MSV India Inc. installed UVT Conveyor Disinfection Machine costing Rs. 2 lakhs at Hanuman Mandir

In a bid to fight against COVID-19, MSV India Inc. has installed their UV Disinfection Conveyor machine at Hanuman Mandir in Connaught Place (CP), New Delhi. The installation was a part of MSV India’s CSR initiative and the machine that is worth approximately Rs. 2 lakhs, has been installed free of cost.
Covid-19 is highly contagious. Now that the lockdown is being lifted, visiting public spaces without contracting the infection is a concern. MSV India’s UVT Conveyor Disinfection Machine is a step in this direction. UVT Conveyor Disinfection Machine is necessary in public areas not only to target coronavirus but also for other pathogens, e.g. E-coli, which is responsible for food poisoning and other viruses which cause common cold and flu.
Besides the Hanuman Mandir in CP, MSV India is also approaching other places of worship, like mosques, gurudwaras, and churches, to seek their permission so that the UVT Conveyor Disinfection Machine can be installed there as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR). These places of worship see a constant flow of people moving in and about, therefore it is necessary to have some sort of protective mechanism.
The installation of this machine would significantly reduce the chances of spreading Covid-19 in places of worship. The reason is that while we keep sanitizing our hands and wear masks, we were lacking a mechanism that would help us sanitize everyday objects – like mobile phones, wallets, purses, packaged items, etc. – which we carry around with us. With the UVT Conveyor Disinfection Machine, these objects can be quickly and efficiently sanitized without causing any damage to them. Since the machine uses UV-C light instead of chemicals, it is harmless to the environment.
Although the best doctors, engineers, and epidemiologists of the world have invested all of their energies in creating a vaccine, it won’t be available before early 2021 – even by the most generous of estimates. So, until we have a vaccine on our hands, prevention is the best cure.
“These are tough times, and innovation and ingenuity are the most valuable assets in our arsenal against Covid-19. As soon as the lockdown was imposed, we started working on the idea and after a lot of hard work and research; we came up with the UVT Conveyor Disinfection Machine. The prime reason for choosing UV-C light over chemicals was to ensure that since the objects would need to be sanitized, again and again, we must come up with a mechanism that is more environmentally friendly. With the help of this device, we’ll be able to make public places safer for everyone – so that people can go about their day without having to worry about contracting the infection from contaminated surfaces,” said Vandana Vinayak, founder, MSV India Inc. 
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