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CSR: Jakson Group engages 6000 households in Anand Vihar to segregate waste at home

Jakson Group announced that the Waste to Manure Programme, a decentralized waste management project, conceptualized by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in Anand Vihar, East Delhi – Phase II has successfully engaged over 6000 households in Karkardooma and Saini Enclave to segregate their household waste at source.The initiative was funded by the Jakson Group with a contribution of around Rs. 40 lakhs and implemented together by Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC). The successful implementation of the project is possible with the constant support of Gautam Gambhir, MP, East Delhi, Gunjan Gupta, Ward Councillor EDMC & other volunteers of EDMC & Jakson. The wet waste is composted through a mechanical composter & the manure generated is being used to manage parks.
Before the implementation of this project, East Delhi had low household waste segregation. For this project, every household in Karkardooma was made aware of the type of household waste and proper ways to segregate it into dry waste and wet waste through role plays, nukkad nataks & AV’s. Members of the community especially domestic helps were told about waste segregation methods and their health, economic and environmental benefits. With the successful implementation of this project, Karkardooma saw a transformation from being a lowly residential pocket in Anand Vihar ward to become a settlement with 100% segregation at source. The project not only has effectively reduced the open roadside dumping, mismanagement of waste but has also ensured that an equitable service reach to all residents, irrespective of their social, political or economic class. The area is one of the first residential pockets in the AnandVihar ward that segregates its waste at source and has a great social capital, as the area is visibly cleaner and sanitized.
Sharing her thoughts on the impact of Waste to Manure Programme in Anand Vihar, Delhi, Soraya Rebello, Head, CSR and Corporate Communications, Jakson Group said, “The Waste to Manure Programme has successfully engaged over 6000 households in Anand Vihar to segregate their household waste at source.The Jakson Group is delighted to have contributed to sustainable development of Anand Vihar by funding the Waste to Manure Programme. The project has demonstrated that people are willing to segregate their waste at source once they know about its long-term impact on their area and on their city. The success of the project is a result of the continued efforts of CURE, CII, EDMC and most importantly, the residents of Anand Vihar.”
The CSR project has also resulted in economic saving by significantly increasing the treatment potential of the collected waste. Further, the women of Karkardooma demonstrated the highest degree of community awareness for the success of the project when the project team was not on ground during the COVID-19 pandemic. The level of ownership the community shows towards the project activities enables the success of the project. The most important learning from this project is that people from all socio-economic strata are willing to segregate their waste at source provided they see value in the process.

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