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CSR: ITC Vivel partnered with Alt Museum making Art Accessible to the visually-impaired on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks worldwide. This visual medium is not just a photo gallery anymore – it has transformed into a platform for creative expression, engagement and even a source of income for many. Vivel in an inclusive step forward, enables the visually impaired to explore a visual social medium like Instagram with AltMuseum. The AltMuseum enables a simple functionality of alt-text available on Instagram to introduce a creative experience for the visually impaired. With the talk-back setting on Androids and Voiceover feature in iOS enabled, a creative coded in Alt-text helps in describing the visual through an audio narrative.
ITC Vivel with its Voice of Art initiative, becomes the first brand to partner with the platform to make the message of empowerment more inclusive. AltMuseum is the World’s first digital art museum that helps bridge the gap between art and its accessibility for specially-abled people with the use of technology.
Check out the digital art museum here.
Art since time immemorial has been a powerful medium of expression to empower and to inspire. ITC Vivel with its philosophy of Ab Samjhauta Nahin embarked on a unique and celebratory journey about gender and its stereotypes through its Voice of Art initiative earlier this year. It brought together a large collective of young artists to weave a new age narrative on Equality through Art. The brand has worked tirelessly to build a strong community contact programme over the last four years to take its Ab Samjhauta Nahin message to every strata of society. With this collaboration, it ensures an inclusive outreach.
With this Alt Museum partnership, the brand has laid the foundation for a more inclusive and impactful digital space for the visually impaired. The content on the platform has also been made available to the students under the aegis of the National Association for the Blind (NAB). Provisions have also been made for smart phones to be provided to a set of visually impaired students at NAB, ensuring that nothing holds them back from accessing quality education and lead their lives in an empowered manner.  Ms. Pradnya Upadhye, Director Education, National Association for the Blind, India, said, “This is simple but so powerful! Vivel Voice of Art on Alt Museum is truly empowering. It not only helps explore creatives but also enables an inclusive experience of a visual medium like Instagram.”
Schbang for Good, the impact communications wing of Schbang, focused on driving social change, launched the Alt Museum handle on Instagram earlier this year. Riya Parekh, Group Creative Manager, Schbang for Good, said, “With the world getting locked into their homes, we witnessed a rise in consumption of content across digital platforms, but why should entertainment and art be restricted to the abled population of the world? The Alt-Museum was the outcome of this simple question. We identified the Instagram feature and latched onto the most visually-celebrated, World Photography Day to talk to the visually impaired. We are grateful to have progressive partners like Vivel who are constantly striving to use arts to push the world in a better direction. With the empowering initiative, Vivel #VoiceOfArt, it not only helps reimagine a more equitable world but also takes a step forward to make creatives a more inclusive experience for all.”
Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin with its unique Know Your Rights initiative is working extensively with colleges across India to empower everyone with the knowledge of rights and build equality champions across the nation. More than 700 colleges have experienced the workshop co-created with one of the most renowned legal authorities in India, Ms. Karuna Nundy and around 1 lakh students have actively participated in the workshops that began its outreach in 2019.
Vivel has also collaborated with Azad Foundation India to launch ‘Parvaz’ a feminist leadership programme to empower women and transform communities. The project in its third year now has already introduced more than 40 community leaders in the last two years who have helped transform lives of more than 60,000 women in big ways and small.