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CSR: Indian Cancer Society collaborates with BYJU’S to support education of 2000 cancer survivors across India by 2025

In its continuous effort towards empowering children from underserved backgrounds across India with quality education and digital learning opportunities, BYJU’S Education for All has recently joined hands with the Indian Cancer Society (ICS),  India’s first voluntary, non-profit, National Organization for awareness, detection and providing cure and treatment for cancer patients in India. Envisioned as a three-year long collaboration, the pan India initiative aims to positively impact the lives of 2000 children who are cancer survivors.
The partnership with Indian Cancer Society is a step towards fulfilling BYJU’S commitment to empower 10 million underprivileged children across India by 2025. Education For All and Indian Cancer Society are jointly working towards addressing accessibility challenges and providing free learning programs to cancer survivors between classes 4-12 from several private and government schools across India. These children will have access to exclusive content on the BYJU’S learning app that is personalised and digitally enabled to suit every child’s learning requirements.
At ICS, Dr D J Jussawalla Education & Vocational Skills Fund was launched in July 2017, as a part of its survivorship initiative which started in 2009 with the formation of a childhood cancer survivors support group called Ugam. The aim of this fund is to provide financial support for childhood cancer survivors, helping them to continue their education as the families of these children face major financial challenges.
Backed by a common goal to empower children with equal learning opportunities, BYJU’S Education For All and Indian Cancer Society will together support the young cancer survivors in their academic growth. This is further in line with ICS’s support to patients under its After Cancer Care programme.
Speaking about the collaboration, Mansi Kasliwal, VP-Social Initiatives, BYJU’S, said, “At BYJU’S, we are committed in our efforts to make learning accessible to every child in the country, irrespective of their location or socio-economic backgrounds. We are glad to be working closely with the Indian Cancer Society to ensure digital learning programmes are made accessible to children across India who have survived cancer and further help them pursue and achieve their goals. I am certain that access to our learning programmes and personalised digital learning tools will help them learn better and ensure they never give up on their goals.”
 Mr. Hari L Mundra, Chairman, Indian Cancer Society said, “While dealing with and managing the pain chain arising from cancer, Indian Cancer Society remains very conscious of the role it must play in rehabilitating cancer survivors in the society. Its national program on Survivor Support especially seeks to focus on children who have come out as winners in their fight against cancer. In this challenging task, BYJU’S is bringing in much needed learning processes and programs using digital learning for empowering these childhood cancer survivors to face the world with dignity and confidence.”.
Launched in 2020, BYJU’S ‘Education for All’ is a social impact initiative that aims at democratising education and ensuring that every child has an opportunity to learn. This initiative is committed to empowering children in the most remote geographies and underserved communities through digital learning. With a mission to empower 10 million underprivileged children by 2025 and bring a positive systemic change to the education ecosystem, BYJU’S Education for All has already impacted 3.4 million children through 140+ NGOs across 26 states.

BYJU’S Education For All

With an aim to make digital learning accessible to millions of children from underserved communities, BYJU’S, the world’s leading edtech company, launched its social impact initiative – Education for All in late 2020. The program aims at democratising education by ensuring that children across all economic backgrounds get equal access to quality learning opportunities. The “Education for All” initiative serves to enable students from underserved and economically deprived communities with a better chance at upward social and economic mobility. This initiative aims at bridging the educational and digital divide by making quality learning accessible to the children in need. With over 100+ partners like American India Foundation, United Way, Right to Live, Magic Bus, SOS, Save the Children, CRY and more across 26 states in India, the program has created a positive impact and reached over 35 lakh students in the last 1 year across the country. BYJU’S has also partnered with NITI Aayog to provide free access to its tech-driven learning programs for children from 112 “aspirational districts” of the country. The company aims to accelerate its impact in reaching children who have no access to learning both on its own and through partnerships. For more information: https://byjus.com/educationforall/
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