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CSR of Hyundai Motor India announces Eco Restoration of 3 ponds to support GuruJal Society

Hyundai Motor India Foundation (HMIF), the CSR arm of Hyundai Motor India, today announced the eco restoration of three ponds, one each in Hariahera in Sohna, Palasoli in Pataudi and Tajnagar in Farrukhnagar blocks of Gurugram in collaboration with GuruJal Society. GuruJal is a multi-stakeholder body, headed by Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram, aimed to address water scarcity, ground water depletion, flooding and stagnation in Gurugram.
Commenting on the commencement of the program, SS Kim, MD & CEO, HMIL said, “Water is one of the fastest depleting resource in the country and collective efforts are required to conserve water for a sustainable future. Keeping our global vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’ at the core of all our initiatives and going beyond mobility, Hyundai has partnered with GuruJal Society, affirming our commitment towards safeguarding communities’ interest creating a sustainable ecosystem for future generations.”
Concretization of land owing to urbanization, depletion of green cover, disappearing of natural water bodies and low recharging groundwater has caused the reduction of ground water levels of the region.

The 3 ponds will help in replenishing 93 million liters of ground water while 227 million liters of water will be treated benefitting over 8000 residents annually. Over 1500 trees and shrubs are to be planted around the ponds leading to annual sequestration of 2500 tons of carbon and production of 84 tons of oxygen and enrichment of flora and fauna of the region.

Community mobilization and waste-water treatment plant construction has been completed for all three ponds. Remaining restoration process which includes dewatering of pond, distilling of pond, cleaning of pond surrounding and landscaping around pond will be completed within the next few months.

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