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CSR: Grundfos joins 50L Home Coalition to promote water saving solutions in homes and cities

Grundfos, the world leader in pumps and water solutions, joins the 50L Home Coalition with the ambition to promote circular water in homes and cities.

What is 50L Home Coalition?

The 50L Home Coalition is a global action-oriented platform that unites leaders from the private, nonprofit, and public sectors to address two of our most pressing global challenges: water security and climate change.

Together, Grundfos and the 50L Home Coalition will focus on making the reuse and recycling of water the norm in homes, which calls for smarter approaches that allow for water ‘fit-for-purpose’ use.

By 2030, the global water demand is expected to be 40% higher than the amount of reliable water we have access to today. Global household water demand has increased by 600% since the 1960s and global fresh water supply is decreasing due to water stress and pollution. There is a critical and urgent need to innovate to reverse this trend. This is where coalitions such as the 50L Home can play a vital role. Grundfos will work with fellow Coalition members and partners to help identify and scale new technologies that can transform the way we use water and the energy needed to heat it.
Commenting on Grundfos joining the Coalition, Lars Spicker Olesen, Director, Circular Water, Grundfos FutureLab, said, “At Grundfos, we work tirelessly to improve water and energy efficiency for the greater good and believe in making a difference locally and globally. The world needs transformational innovation to change course and companies need impact partners to succeed. This strategic collaboration with 50L Home will help us move towards this ambition and will enable us to support the Coalition’s mission to re-invent the future of water and change the narrative on domestic water consumption.”
The 50L Home Coalition’s primary objective is to leverage innovations in education, technology, and policy to create a resilient, low-carbon water future. Its unique initiatives address the systemic risks associated with water and climate change and how they proliferate due to changing lifestyle patterns, increased industrialization, population growth, and rapid urbanization. The 50L Home approach is to reimagine our relationship with water in homes and in cities around the world, collaborating on pilot projects and implementing new technologies to make 50 liters of daily water use per person feel like 500.
“We are thrilled to have Grundfos join our Coalition. We envision a future where companies, policymakers, innovators, researchers, and communities work together to create sustainable solutions that will solve the urban water crisis and create financially viable opportunities for our communities. We hope to instill the importance of responsible water consumption in cities around the world, making 50 liters of daily water use per person not just a reality, but an irresistible one. Having a company such as Grundfos – which is committed to pioneering solutions to the world’s water and climate challenges and improving the quality of life for people – join us will help us strengthen our efforts toward achieving this goal,” said Braulio Eduardo Morera, Director, 50L Home Coalition.

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