Home Press Release CSR: Godrej Group employees volunteer to make Science fun for kids

CSR: Godrej Group employees volunteer to make Science fun for kids

Mumbai, India: Over 3,000 employees of the Godrej Group across more than 70 locations worldwide took part in the Group’s 8th Global Volunteering Week, enthusiastically engaging with thousands of school children to make learning fun.
The objective of this year’s initiative, the first after a two-year break, was to ignite a love of learning and curiosity for the sciences among children by demonstrating fundamental concepts through games and fun experiments.
In Mumbai, for instance, Godrej partnered with WOSCA’s Life-Lab Science Program, which aims to empower science educators to create a self-sustainable culture of experiential learning plat-forms in schools for children. Together, they conducted activities by adopting a play-based learning approach to leap-frog learning and enhance the confidence levels of children.
The volunteers demonstrated the concepts like mass, distance, energy, center of gravity and Newton’s Laws of Motion as well as the basic tenets of mechanical engineering and technology via the ‘Balloon Car’ experiment.
As part of the experiments students build a rudimentary car with an inflated balloon strapped to it. As air is released from the balloon, it propels the car forward, explaining to students in an easy-to-understand way how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy that pushes the car forward. The initiative overall engaged over 13,000 children.
Gayatri Divecha, Head of CSR– Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies, states that “We have always encouraged our team members to become actively involved with the local communities and contribute towards their improvement through a variety of volunteer activities. Since we are returning to on-site volunteering this year after a two-year break, this year was even more meaningful. I am proud of all of the Godrejites who have continuously contributed to making this programme better and better with each passing year. This year’s volunteering day topic revolves around science which is an excellent topic for developing deeper team connections. We are hoping to develop a science-based culture in young people.”
The Godrej Global Volunteer Week is an expansion of Godrej’s ongoing year-round programme of charitable volunteerism. The initiative seeks to build deeper team connect and create greater impact around a common theme by encouraging employees to volunteer together, across Godrej businesses.
Since its launch in 2015, more than 5,000 Godrej workers worldwide have donated their time and efforts to assist community projects that are thought as a way of giving back to society and thereby building a better tomorrow for future generations. Volunteers work on a range of initiatives, including skill-based, long-term volunteer work that prepares youth and adults for the workforce, day-long events, and essential fundraisers.
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