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CSR: District of Gurugram and Deloitte India completes ‘Anaemia Mukt Mahilayien’ pilot project 

Gurugram, India: In an effort to improve maternal and child health and to spread awareness and provide equitable and widely accessible healthcare services to eventually eradicate anaemia, the Gurugram District Administration and Deloitte has announced the completion of a three-month ‘Anaemia Mukt Mahilayien’ pilot project.
The fact that 1095 of the 2263 Mild, Moderate, and Severe patients from baseline camp were anaemia-free after camp 3 is a clear testament to the Gurugram model for maternal and child care focused on anaemia.
The campaign was aimed at addressing mild to severe levels of anaemia in three villages -Tajnagar , Patli Hajipur, and Sultanpur.The number of anaemia cases had improved by 14% at the end of the three-month pilot project. The unique public-private partnership programme was executed over three camps focused on a strategy of ‘test-trace-treat’. Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) workers, Medical Officers and volunteers collaboratively educated and encouraged participants to induce behavioural change at the family level for better nutrition, sanitation and consumption of dietary supplements.
Built on a five-pillar integrated fit-for-purpose model, the programme included setting up a centralised command and control centreto track and monitorpatient updates, with the setup of dedicated helplines with regular telehealth and digital interventions to support and nudge participants.
This was followed by strengthening the medical infrastructure with mobile labs, training staff, and streamlining emergency and referral services. Multiple online and offline channels in the local language werealso used to create awareness about the programme.
Sharing his views, Nishant Kumar Yadav, District commissioner, Gurugram said, “Nearly 67.5 percent of women in Gurugram between the ages of 15 and 49 have anaemia, according to data from the National Family Health Survey 5 . This is a seriousissue that has a direct impact on the well-being of women, their families, and the entire community. Our administration took this challenge head-on and is working relentlessly to eliminate anaemia by building trust, and awareness within these communities. Along with this, we also bring in tech expertise to trace and track the beneficiaries with support from Deloitte.”
“We are happy to declare that nearly 45% of participants initially found anaemeicare no longer anaemic. The results have encouraged us and our partners to further build on this bold vision of the framework. We are working with Deloitte and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI )to create a playbook to expand the initiative across the state. It also builds a successful case for more public-private partnerships in the healthcare space.”
Present at the occasion, Dr Virender Yadav, CMO said, “I am thrilled to announce that at the end of three months, Sultanpur has been selected among the three villages, for focused efforts to declare the village anaemia free. We, along with Deloitte India, are driving this initiative by targeting the end beneficiary and motivating them to take charge of their health, along with creating an ecosystem in their household and the village, by involving families and community leaders. Similarly, at an institutional level, we are creating tech-based monitoring mechanisms to help monitor the progress of each beneficiary throughout their journey. The Gurugram model for improving public health services has shown very encouraging results such as the 79% drop in severely anaemic patients over 3 months which would certainly have contributed to potentially saving lives of mothers and children.”
He further added, “Statically, as per the latest assessment, there has been an improvement in haemoglobin (HB) levels of 75.4 percent of beneficiaries of the programme and average HB levels of mild, moderate, severe patients from camp 1 has increased from 10.2 to 11.5 by camp 3.”
Romal Shetty, President – Consulting, Deloitte India said, “We saw avery strong commitment from the Gurugram District Administration and congratulate them on the success of this pilot project. We thank them for the collaboration and for trusting our five-pillar integrated fit-for-purpose model. From our experience and learnings from the SanjeevaniPariyojana initiative during Covid-19, and support from ASHA workers, the model has proven to be successful in bringing behavioural change amongst the target population. ‘Anaemia Mukt Mahilayien’ is a step further to our existing initiative of ‘expanding the medical ward’. Through the programme, we aim to utilise the full potential of technology in delivering improved healthcare services to our rural population”.
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