Home Press Release CSR wing of Detel announces road safety initiative #DetelSafe2WheelDrive

CSR wing of Detel announces road safety initiative #DetelSafe2WheelDrive

Detel has announced a road safety initiative #DetelSafe2WheelDrive under Detel Foundation, CSR Wing of Detel. The brand is offering helmets at an economical price with the objective of making ISI marked helmets affordable to all.
Across all states in India, wearing a helmet is mandatory. It applies not only to the driver but also to the pillion riders. As per section 129 of the Motor Vehicle Act also defines that the helmet should have a thickness of 20-25 mm with superior quality foam. In India, organized or ISI-certified helmets are in the range of Rs. 1500-2000 that is currently about 65-70% of the helmet market.
Despite Government strictness on manufacturing, stocking, and selling of helmets that do not comply with the Indian Standard Institute (ISI), roadside helmet captures 30% of the market because of its cheap cost, the majority of two-wheeler users in India opt to use just to avert a police challan.
With #DetelSafe2WheelDrive, Detel and Detel Foundation ensure that the road safety issue is addressed with a solution-based approach. If people are purchasing the spurious helmet because of its low cost, then Detel is determined to provide better options in an economical range.
Dr. Yogesh Bhatia, Founder, Detel says, “Since the inception of the Detel, we have been striving to understand the needs of common people and provide most economical solutions in its lieu. With the support of Detel Foundation, we are adamant to combat the road safety issues with the most economical ISI marked helmets. We are also planning to invest a part of its profit in promoting the road safety hazards across India more vividly.”
Gitika Bhatia, Founder, Detel Foundation said, “ Helmets are not just an accessory but are the most important safety gear that can improve the chances of survival. In a bid to promote road safety campaigns, we are encouraging two-wheeler riders and pillion-riders to always wear helmets. As a responsible corporate, we support this initiative to promote adoption of helmets and reduce the number of fatalities occurred by road accidents.”

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