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CSR Could Stop Water Wars: Anna Hazare, Social Activist


The CSR Journal team caught up with veteran social activist Anna Hazare at his residence in Ralegan Siddhi, Maharashtra, for an informal chat. The Padma Bhushan awardee launched the print edition of The CSR Journal there. Anna’s spirit shines brighter than ever. His razor sharp critique of the government and his incisive observation about corporate social responsibility are worth a watch.

The launch issue features top stories on the themes of water scarcity and water conservation. Commenting on the inter-state water waters which have plagued the nation for years, Anna said, “The theme could not have been written about at a better time. While the wars over rivers rage, CSR could be channelled into rainwater conservation and put a stop to the nonsense.” The water conservation module adopted by Ralegan Siddhi has been internationally acclaimed. Over 8 lakh domestic and foreign experts have toured the village to observe the watershedding technique.

Anna also shared the secrets of his health and resilience. The octogenarian is physically and politically active despite going through 16 indefinite hunger strikes. Watch the complete interview for the inspiring leader’s personal take on everything from the Modi government and capital punishment for rapists, to private schools and vote banks.

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