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CSR: BYJU’S Education For All and Khaana Chahiye Foundation come together to provide digital learning solutions to underprivileged children in Mumbai

BYJU’S ‘Education for All’ initiative has collaborated with Mumbai-based NGO Khaana Chahiye to educate and empower children from underserved backgrounds with quality education and digital learning opportunities across India. As part of the collaboration, BYJU’S Education for All will give over 100 licenses to underserved students in Mumbai.
With this partnership, BYJU’S Education For All and Khaana Chahiye intend to implement different digital initiatives and address accessibility issues by providing free learning programmes to students in grades 4-12. These students will have access to exclusive content on the BYJU’S learning app, which is customized and digitally-enabled to meet the learning needs of each child. BYJU’S and Khaana Chahiye’s collaboration is an effort to achieve BYJU’S vision of empowering 10 million underserved children across India by 2025.
Speaking about the collaboration, Mansi Kasliwal, VP-Social Initiatives, BYJU’S, said, “BYJU’S has a strong vision to undertake various transformative social initiatives for the upliftment of children across different sections of society and bridge the gap between quality education and digital access. We are delighted to collaborate with Khaana Chahiye Foundation, which has been relentlessly working to actualize ‘Zero Hunger’ in Mumbai. Our partnership with them is a significant step towards making a lasting impact on the development of children’s welfare through education and well-being. The cornerstone of our philosophy is centered around bringing a tangible impact to our existing education ecosystem, and we are honored to have partnered with the foundation and strengthen our social impact initiative, Education for All.”
“We are glad that while we address the problem of hunger at both a macro and a micro level in the Mumbai metropolitan region, our grassroots access could enable children from these communities to be part of the ‘Education for All’ Program. This will go a long way in creating resilience in the community. We hope to work with the BYJU’S team and expand this program to other micro-communities that we serve. We are grateful.” said Advocate Rakesh Singh, Co-Founder/Chairman, Khaana Chahiye Foundation.
“Post the lockdowns, many children in the community had lost interest in studies because of their personal situation and the long break. Because of the visual elements in the app, the learning process has become interesting and fun. The children are more confident, their learning speed has increased and there are many other positive changes. We want to thank the BYJU’S and Khaana Chahiye team for supporting these kids with this program.” said Sujata Sawant, President – Adarsh Foundation,  Khaana Chahiye’s Community Partner in Kurla.
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