Home Press Release CSR of Bvlgari supporting NGO Save the Children in child-centric Covid relief

CSR of Bvlgari supporting NGO Save the Children in child-centric Covid relief

Roman Jewellery House Bvlgari is providing immediate emergency responses to mitigate the effects of the pandemic crisis, this time with a significant donation to Save the Children to intervene on the devastating impact COVID-19 has in India.
At the beginning of the emergency, news coming from the country were terrifying. The average daily infection rate of 15,000-20,000 cases reported in March rose dramatically to more than 2 lakh infections per day in mid-April. The sheer ferocity of the spread and the consequent oxygen shortage has completely overwhelmed the healthcare system of India, especially in high-density urban areas. In addition, as if that were not enough, a higher number of cases are being reported among children, compared to the first wave. Every one of those statistics represents an individual, someone who’s loved by a family and who has hopes for a better future.
Save the Children used the funds donated by Bvlgari to deploy actions both to support the public health system and communities directly. The plan included the provisioning of essential healthcare supplies and equipment such as oxygen concentrator, oxygen cylinder, Bi-pap machine, COVID-19 testing kit, RT-PCR, ventilator, pulse oximeter and COVID medical kit to public healthcare facilities. The prioritizing of oxygen management including the setting up of oxygen plant in district and sub-district level hospitals. The setting up of temporary COVID-19 field hospitals and care centres in collaboration with the government, arranging ambulance and patient transportation services, developing quarantine isolation centres at local level.
The development of child-friendly arrangements in hospitals, ambulances and quarantine centres. The facilitation of COVID-19 treatments in designated COVID Care and isolation centres. The support for children and families with COVID Home Care Kits including oximeter, thermometer, steamer, face masks, hand sanitizer, Vitamin C tablets and Vitamin D3 sachets, paracetamol and cough syrup; the support for children and families in quarantine through self-isolation or health facilities with access to clinical and psychosocial counselling. The distribution of self-learning and play-based learning kits to ensure education continuity especially for children with families with low or no access to digital education. The tracing of children whose parents or caregiver are affected by COVID-19 and their referral to institutional care.
Proud to have been a partner of Save the Children over the last 12 years, to date Bvlgari has donated over 100 million dollars to the Charity, an incredible achievement that allowed to reach more than 2 million disadvantaged children in the world through an ongoing commitment to the key fields of education, fighting poverty, youth empowerment and emergency response.

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