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CSR: Bharti AXA Life Initiates Financial Literacy Campaign

Bharti AXA Life Insurance, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, one of India’s leading business groups, and AXA, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, today announced the launch of its financial literacy campaign ‘InspiHE₹- enabling an empowered future’– a special initiative to spread financial awareness among women and enable them to make informed financial decisions for a secured future.
Research suggests that 55% of women do not make informed financial decisions, and 59% of women don’t have any health or life Insurance. Bharti AXA wants to change this scenario one step at a time. Observing ‘International Mother’s Day and ahead of the ‘International Day of Families’ the company has embarked upon this initiative to empower women, especially mothers by teaching them the basics of financial planning and savings in order to secure their future.
‘InspiHE₹’ campaign will kickstart with on-ground education sessions for a group of mothers across Mumbai and will be promoted across social media platforms to create engagement. Through this campaign, the company aims to engage with women, especially mothers, their families, and close to 1 million citizens of the country on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to raise awareness about a financially secure future for women.
Financial literacy is the foundation of empowered women, specially mothers who are selfless givers in the society. This campaign will help them prepare for emergencies, deal with rising costs of living and inflation, make confident financial decision-making and set a good example for their children in becoming financially independent.
Apart from the on-ground education initiative, employees of Bharti AXA Life Insurance will also step forward and contribute to this noble initiative. They will voluntarily teach their mothers; house helps and other family members the basics of financial planning and encourage Indians on social media to promote financial literacy and take this initiative ahead.
Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Parag Raja, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, said, “Bharti AXA believes in equality and has always supported initiatives to empower women. With this campaign, we aim to reach out to the larger women audience to educate them on the importance of financial literacy. At Bharti AXA Life, we continuously strive to strengthen the society by spreading awareness for establishing financial security for all, and with this initiative, we plan to expand our reach to the maximum capacity. We have also extended this to social media followers and customers requesting them to take part in this initiative”
Ms. Geetanjali Kothari, Head of Marketing, Bharti AXA Life Insurance added, “Our brand promise at Bharti AXA Life is to #DoTheSmartThing, and we believe in helping customers to make better decisions across all of our offers and initiatives. We are thrilled to deep dive into the ‘InspiHE₹’ campaign with the motive of empowering mothers and inculcating the thought of equality in families. Through this campaign, we look forward to enriching their lives with better informed financial decisions. We believe that our initiative will help us raise awareness and create a more meaningful and purpose-driven connection with our women customers.”
‘InspiHE₹’ is a token of love and appreciation from Bharti AXA Life to the selfless women of India and an attempt to empower her in becoming financially independent. It will also help them to contribute and be an equal decision maker in their family’s financial matters.
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