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CSR arm of Allcargo Logistics partners with nonprofit FHSM for RAHAT project in Tamil Nadu

Avashya Foundation, the CSR arm of Allcargo Logistics partnered with Foundation of His Sacred Majesty (FHSM) in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for the RAHAT project. They reached out to 250 underprivileged families comprising over 750 members affected by the COVID-19-induced lockdown.
Grocery kits comprising rice, dal, sugar, salt and other essentials like vegetables were distributed to marginalized communities and families residing in slums as part of the RAHAT project. The 250 families belonged to the socially and economically backward communities in Molachur village in TindivanamTaluk, Narikuravr Kudiiruppu in Sunammeduvillag and Chengalpattu district along with families of the other communities living near Jamaat of Mount Road Chennai in Tamil Nadu.
“The marginalized sections of the population have been the most vulnerable to COVID-19 which has been unrelenting in its spread and scale. The adverse economic impact of the pandemic holds the potential the push a large number of families into a spiral of debt and poverty. As socially responsible members of the society, we need to reach out to the economically disadvantaged communities and help them return to a life of dignity and normalcy,” stated Mrs Arathi Shetty, Non-Executive Director, Avashya Foundation.
“Most of the beneficiaries included disabled persons, pregnant women, widows, elderly and children. All these people are daily wage earners and the COVID-19 induced lockdown has devastated their livelihoods leaving them with no access to steady earnings. With no savings and no source of alternative income, the families were forced to have insufficient meals every day. Through our collaboration with FHSM, we reaffirm our commitment to provide essential livelihood sustenance and build community resilience among vulnerable populations in Tamil Nadu,” stated Dr. Nilratan Shende, GM – CSR, Allcargo Logistics.
Allcargo Logistics has been involved in a number of welfare initiatives to support communities and healthcare fraternity at a time when the country is witnessing unprecedented times. Through its COVID-19 Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation Initiative, its CSR arm Avashya Foundation has been involved in helping poor communities affected by the pandemic through the distribution of PPE kits to healthcare workers, food to migrant labourers and underprivileged communities amongst others.
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