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Amazon India launches Pilot Internship Programme for Individuals with Autism & Intellectual Disabilities

Amazon announced its partnership with Sol’s ARC, a Non-Government Organization (NGO), to launch an industry first pilot programme to train young adults with Autism & Intellectual Disabilities.
The CSR programme is aimed at collaborating with Sol’s ARC to build a specialized curriculum for e-commerce trades, and create employment opportunities within the e-commerce sector. This will enable their successful integration into the workforce and help them gain financial independence. The pilot would support trainees who have been identified at the Sol’s ARC centre.
Amazon will work closely with Sol’s ARC to create internship opportunities for them across different parts of its fulfilment network. Through the course of the programme, the NGO would also help create awareness among Amazon employees about Autism & Intellectual Disabilities.
Sol’s ARC is a non-profit organization, established under the Charitable Trust Act of Mumbai in 2003. The organization consistently drives innovative education research to develop inclusive learning content for children. Sol’s ARC builds programmes which are centred on equitable learning opportunities across the country.
Amazon continues to strengthen its commitment to diversity and skilling through various initiatives. More than 350 associates who are deaf with speech disabilities are part of the Amazon network across the country’s Fulfilment centres, Sortation Centres, and Delivery stations. Amazon India had pioneered the ‘Silent Delivery Station’ in 2017 through the Service Partner programme; with two such stations operational now.