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COVID-19 News – SEEDS and Honeywell together provide over 3.7 million meals and 12k hygiene kits

SEEDS, a humanitarian organization, has partnered with Honeywell India to distribute food and hygiene kits across Bengaluru, Delhi, Gurgaon, Madurai, and Pune. The ongoing drive seeks to provide more than 3.7 million meals to families that have been rendered helpless by the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, a month’s supply hygiene kits is being distributed to more than 12,300 families.
Each food kit comprises rice, wheat flour, sugar, pulses, cooking oil, and salt that should be sufficient to feed a nuclear family for at least a month. Hygiene kits include bathing and washing soaps, detergents, disinfectants, and sanitary and bath towels.
Dr. Manu Gupta, Co-Founder, SEEDS, said, “Through our continuous efforts to reach out to the 1% most vulnerable communities, SEEDS is committed to providing dry ration, family hygiene and PPE kits, and financial support to those who are most in need.” 
Flagging off relief efforts in the national capital, Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, said, “It is commendable that SEEDS and Honeywell, who have a longstanding engagement with the communities of East Delhi, have come forward during the current crisis with food and hygiene kits. This shows how committed and invested they are with the local communities.”
While mass migration of workers remains a huge worry for the country, distribution of food kits in industrial areas helps sustain displaced workers, thereby encouraging them to stay put.
Dr. Akshay Bellare, President, Honeywell India, said, “As a responsible corporate citizen, CSR of Honeywell has been contributing to COVID-19 relief efforts in country. We have donated Honeywell air purifiers to the government, and our 180 safe water stations continue to provide water to communities while ensuring social distancing. Through our partnership with SEEDS we hope to reach out to the most vulnerable with food and hygiene kits that are now essential for their survival.”
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and countrywide lockdown, SEEDS’ local response teams have been deployed to carry out relief assistance to the most vulnerable and invisible communities across India. Team members are addressing the local and contextual needs of adversely affected communities in collaboration with local authorities.
A robust triangulation, distribution, and monitoring mechanism has been established to reach out to those in distress. Financial and essential services are being provided to support daily wage earners, and hygiene kits and dry rations are being distributed to marginalized families, daily wage earners, old age homes, and orphanages. To strengthen the fight against COVID-19, SEEDS is also supporting public health systems by providing PPE kits, organizing safety training programs, and arranging temporary isolation centres.
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