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Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation launching COVID mental health self help toolkit

Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation is launching a first-ever COVID Mental Health Self Help Toolkit on 23rd May 2021. The toolkit consists of carefully curated blogs, podcasts and videos to address mental health concerns covering topics like combating insomnia, processing and overcoming grief, survivor’s guilt, mindfulness, and existentialism.
The toolkit can be used by anyone, as it has been curated for a layman. The exercises can be done by anyone as well as the tips and suggestions can be implemented by everyone in their lifestyle. It made sure to not use complex terminology.
The blogs have been written empathetically to ensure that people can relate to them without being triggered and can gain further insights into what they are experiencing. It is important to note that this isn’t a diagnostic tool or a substitution for therapy or medications. It can’t cure a mental illness but can aid in recovery and intervention.
Founder Akash Ramchandani said, “Getting Mental Health treatment is a luxury in India and we at Home of Beautiful Souls Foundation are attempting to make it affordable for the vulnerable and marginalised population. We are striving to achieve this by building a system that is self-reliant and providing a holistic platform for mental health patients who can’t afford the treatment. This toolkit is just a first step towards this.”

The idea to create this toolkit came about as a result of a glaring increase in the number of mental health patients in India during the pandemic.

HOBS Foundation had experts from the likes of RCI Clinical Psychologists and counsellors, curate the Covid Mental Health self-help toolkit from scratch. After thorough research and reviewing the literature of research done on ‘Covid and Mental Health’, the team came up with a list of issues commonly faced by people during the Covid-19 pandemic. They found that the most common issues were over-exhaustion, guilt, helplessness, lack of joy, etc, and keeping these at the centre they came up with various tools.
The experts working on it have a proven experience of a minimum of 6 to 8 years in the field of Clinical Psychology. The psychologists’ names are as follows: Noopur Gawanka (MSc Clinical Psychology), Ruhi Panandiker, Rupal Kaura, Shravya Dhevadhar, Veena Nair and Navya N (all RCI Mphil Clinical Psychology).
HOBS Foundation is working towards making mental health aid affordable and accessible, PAN India. However, they believe that India has a long way to go to accept mental health as a part of humans and society. Until then, we continue to provide interventions and shield our country from the biggest epidemic of the world, the Mental Health Crisis.

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