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COVID-19 Portal to Provide Free Teleconsulting Services in India

The covid-19 outbreak has taken over the world with over with more than 270,000 positive cases of the disease. The rapidly spreading virus has affected over 186 countries as per Worldometers. This has not only generated ample panic but also affected the global economy in a negative way.
The outbreak has tested the healthcare capacity of the countries of the world. It has proven that not even the most developed countries are ready as yet to handle an epidemic such as this. Stories of authorities having to make choices such as treating one patient over another because of inadequate availability of healthcare facilities are coming forward. Ventilator rationing has become a reality in certain regions of the world as more patients require it to survive.
The hospitals at this time are over-flooded with patients. The doctors and the hospital staff are working overtime to do their best to contain the disease. Many hospitals in India and the world have cancelled all the elective surgeries to accommodate more coronavirus patients. As a result of this, they are too busy to clear doubts and queries of individuals regarding the deadly disease.
Answering some of these questions are a panel of doctors from the Wockhardt Hospitals during an exclusive conversation with Rahuldeo Sharma, Reporter at The CSR Journal.

In addition to this, Aster DM Healthcare and Aster Volunteers have launched a 24/7 COVID-19 Support Centre for people from across India. The tele-triage (assessment of the condition and appropriate guidance for treatment) service will be free for everyone across India who are seeking medical help if they suspect they have symptoms related to the novel coronavirus disease.
People can register on the website or Facebook page of any of Aster’s 13 hospitals in India and book an appointment with healthcare experts. The appointment would be conducted by internal medicine and emergency experts through a video call following medical protocols approved by local authorities and WHO for triaging COVID-19 patients.
Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Aster DM Healthcare said, “In these trying times, we would like to put every possible measure in place to help people identify symptoms related to coronavirus and get appropriate help on time. The online service promotes social distancing while it also gives patients easy access to expert advice when they need it the most. A teleconsulting tool like Aster COVID Support Centre has the potential to enable earlier detection of cases and channelize patients to seek appropriate treatment on time.”
Dr Harish Pillai, Chief Executive Officer, Aster DM Healthcare India said, “Through this online support centre, we aim to reach out to patients who might be experiencing symptoms related to the coronavirus infection and are seeking professional help. Our experienced doctors will be available to answer all questions to the best of their knowledge under the guidelines defined by the government and the World Health Organisation.”