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CSR Initiative Provisions Specialised Medical Equipment to Beneficiaries Across 16 Villages

Project Aarogya
Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka, under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative called ‘Project Aarogya,’ recently conducted a medical equipment distribution program covering 16 villages. Community leaders & members from Medikeripura Village & Tanigehalli community attended the event. The outreach effort was carefully tailored to address the prevalent health issues in the region, such as chronic illnesses and inadequate access to basic healthcare facilities, and encompassed the provisioning of wheelchairs, hearing aids, and specially customised walking sticks to 130 community members.
The objective of ‘Project Aarogya’ is to provide essential medical aid and support to community members from the villages adjoining the area of operations. By addressing the pressing healthcare needs of these communities, Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka aimed to enhance the quality of life for the residents and create a lasting positive impact.
“Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka is making tremendous efforts towards community welfare by donating medical aid equipment to needy children. We are indebted to Vedanta for their goodwill and for donating this wheelchair to my child. We look forward to receiving help and assistance from Vedanta IOK in the future as well, to more specially-abled children,” said a beneficiary of the distribution camp.
“We express our wholehearted gratitude to Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka for conducting the ‘Medical aid distribution camp’ and supporting our community members through essential medical aid and healthcare equipment for the betterment of their lives. Over 130 individuals, including women, children, and the elderly, have benefitted from this comprehensive medical aid distribution program,” said Kamalakshi N., Panchayath Adhyaksha, Medikeripura village, at the distribution camp.
“Through the distribution of medical equipment such as wheelchairs, varied walking sticks and hearing aids, we have reiterated our support for the local communities within the vicinity of our operations and will continue to play a part in enhancing the health and well-being of the community members, through our CSR initiatives,” said Shrishaila Gouda, CEO, Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka.
The program aimed to alleviate the health-related burden on vulnerable communities, as well as empower them with knowledge and awareness of preventive healthcare. Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka’s commitment to inclusivity was evident in the provision of healthcare services across age groups and demographics.
This initiative showcases the organization’s commitment to the well-being and development of local communities in and around Chitradurga. Vedanta IOK strives to continuously work towards the welfare and development of the communities & is committed to #TransformingForGood through meaningful & targeted initiatives.
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