Home Press Release Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Ujaas empowers visually impaired women with menstrual knowledge

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Ujaas empowers visually impaired women with menstrual knowledge

Ujaas, a menstrual health initiative by Aditya Birla Education Trust engaged in promoting menstrual health and hygiene, has conducted a comprehensive workshop for visually impaired students at Kamla Mehta School Dadar East. The team partnered with Aditya Birla World Academy (ABWA) for the initiative aims to empower visually impaired students with the knowledge and skills required for menstrual health and hygiene management. In the first phase of this outreach, 60 Visually impaired students were educated on menstrual health and hygiene management conducted by Ms. Pooja Madavi, Training facilitator Mumbai district, Ujaas. Ujaas further plans to run these workshops across Maharashtra in the coming months.
As part of this collaboration, ABWA students have created 40, 3D uterus models that were used by Ujaas trainers during workshops for visually impaired students. The models were made of soft and flexible materials that replicate the texture and shape of a real uterus and helped to provide a tactile representation of the female reproductive system, including the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and vagina. The trainers used these models to teach the students about menstrual cycles, anatomy, hygiene practices, and how to manage their periods effectively.
Visually impaired females face unique challenges when it comes to menstrual hygiene, including a lack of access to information, limited visual cues, and the need for additional support in managing their periods. By providing a hands-on experience, Ujaas and ABWA aims to enable these women to better understand the process of menstruation, including the shedding of the endometrial lining, the release of the egg, and the changes in hormone levels.
Further, discussing the initiative, Advaitesha Birla, Sociopreneur and Founder Ujaas, said: “Menstruation is a topic that is often stigmatized, and visually impaired females face additional barriers in accessing information about it. The uterus models will serve as a valuable tool for helping these students understand menstruation better. This understanding can help them to manage their periods more effectively and with greater confidence, promoting better menstrual hygiene practices and overall health. Our collaboration with Aditya Birla World Academy aims to bridge this gap and provide visually impaired students with access to accurate and comprehensive menstrual health education.”
Discussing the initiative, Radhika Sinha, Principal, Aditya Birla World Academy, said: “I am extremely gratified by, and proud of, the innovative idea developed by ABWA students, which demonstrates their clever use of design thinking to solve a real-world, but very underrated, social challenge. At ABWA, we encourage our students to think deeply about the world around them and take the lead in driving lasting social impact. Our collaboration with Ujaas to drive menstrual hygiene awareness is in line with our emphasis on developing creative thinkers and great leaders who will work to promote inclusivity and create a unified, holistically-aware society.”
The workshops were conducted by Ujaas trainers who have received special training in teaching menstrual health and hygiene to visually impaired students. The workshop covered topics such as menstrual hygiene, menstrual products, and common menstrual disorders. The trainers used a range of teaching techniques, including touch and sound to help students understand the concepts. Going forward, the students of ABWA will create more models basis the requirement by Team Ujaas to conduct the workshop in other regions of Maharashtra.
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