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CSR: Extensive Sanitary Pad Distribution Campaign in Maharashtra

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Recognizing the pressing gap in period management resulting from the lack of menstrual health products among underprivileged girls in India, Ujaas and Stayfree have collaborated to provide sanitary pads, reinforcing Ujaas’ distribution efforts in 9 districts within Maharashtra. Alongside the pad distribution initiative, Ujaas will conduct comprehensive workshops on Menstrual Health and Hygiene management within schools statewide. Ujaas, an initiative by Aditya Birla Education Trust, is dedicated to promoting menstrual health and hygiene awareness among school children aged 12 to 15. The distribution camps, set to run across 9 districts in Maharashtra, will provide Stayfree, one of India’s leading menstrual hygiene brands, to schoolgirls, enabling them to manage their periods independently.” 
As a part of this partnership over 500,000 Stayfree Secure XL packs will be distributed amongst underprivileged girls across Mumbai, Palghar, Pune, Satara, Yavatmal, Aurangabad, Nandurbar, Amravati, and Washim. Alongside this extensive distribution effort, Ujaas will also host awareness sessions to educate girls on the significance of menstrual health and hygiene practices while dispelling long-standing stigmas and misconceptions.
Ujaas is dedicated to catalyzing a profound change in societal perspectives through grassroots endeavors including awareness sessions in menstrual health education to girls and boys, ensuring product accessibility, and empowering educators to champion a progressive shift.
Manoj Gadgil, Vice President, Marketing and Essential Health Business Unit Head, Kenvue said, “Lack of awareness around menstrual health and access to affordable high quality sanitary napkins coupled with poor sanitation facilities are often key barriers which restrict girls especially in rural areas. At Stayfree, we firmly believe that every girl deserves an opportunity to pursue her dreams without the fear, shame and discomfort of periods. We are delighted to collaborate with Ujaas to launch a holistic menstrual health initiative to improve accessibility of sanitary napkins, create awareness as well as eradicate stigmas to help young girls to pursue their dreams.”
Speaking on the collaboration, Advaitesha Birla, Founder Ujaas said, “Such partnerships are essential bridges, narrowing the gap in accessibility to menstrual health products. Together, we confront the pressing challenges of awareness, accessibility, and affordability, particularly impacting young girls in rural areas. Ujaas is committed to providing accurate information and convenient access to menstrual products, reducing school absenteeism during menstrual days. Additionally, we are dedicated to promoting menstrual hygiene among women. Stayfree’s support guarantees pad availability through Ujaas’ initiative, reinforcing our commitment to menstrual health equity.”
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