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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Tata Communications’ Project Nanneer Restoring Nagan Thangal Lake

Tata Communications has partnered with Pitchandikulam Forest officials to rejuvenate and restore the Nagan Thangal Lake for effective groundwater recharge and provide access to safe drinking water for the community in Upparapalayam, Pothur village. The Nanneer project focusses on the restoration work which includes lake deepening, plantation of indigenous trees, shrubs, reeds, setting up of landforms, such as bird islands to attract and enhance the biodiversity. The project benefits around 12,000 people of which 60 per cent are from marginalised communities. 
The lake, spread over 15 acres, is desilted to a depth of 1.5 m in 4 acres. Recent rain has contributed to 1,00,000 cubic meters of fresh water in the lake, helping it reach its full capacity. More than 4000 indigenous tropical dry evergreen forest trees and shrubs have been planted around the lake leading to increased biodiversity in the area. In addition, insects, birds and small animals have found a new home, giving a boost to the fauna and flora in the region. Interestingly, it has been noticed that even migratory birds such as Pintail, Common Teal, Common Coot, Marsh Sandpiper, etc. have started to visit the lake.
Today, 13th March 2023, Tata Communications inaugurated The Blue Green Centre, a knowledge and learning facility, where the lake’s history, local landscape, all details of the restoration project are showcased to spread the awareness of the initiative and promote many more of such projects. The project is connected to the Schools in Action for the Planet project supported by Tata Communications to encourage environment education and action for learners in government schools in Ambattur area, Chennai. School children from 32 government and under-privileged schools (approx. 3000 students) have access and the opportunity to know more about the restoration details closely.  
Over 400 Tata Communications employees volunteered and clocked 1600+ volunteering hours towards this project. Tata Communications believes in integrating action on climate change, biodiversity, water, and energy into community initiatives, and creating partnerships that promote ecological restoration and regeneration. The Nanneer project is one such initiative to serve the community.
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