Home Press Release Five star hotel in New Delhi empowers visually impaired women

Five star hotel in New Delhi empowers visually impaired women

New Delhi, India: Taj Mahal, New Delhi announces the launch of Blind Bakes Cafe, an initiative aimed at empowering visually impaired women, in association with NAB India Centre for Blind Women & Disability Studies. The initiative represents a significant step towards inclusive hospitality and reinforces Taj Mahal, New Delhi’s commitment to social responsibility.
Speaking on the launch Mr. Satyajeet Krishnan, Area Director – Operations and General Manager, Taj Mahal, New Delhi said, “Our longstanding partnership with NAB takes on a new dimension today. With the launch of this Cafe, we remain steadfast in our commitment towards equality, inclusion and sustaining livelihoods. While we provide culinary and housekeeping skills to members of NAB, we are privileged to savour the delightful creations crafted by their team in our associate dining room.”
Ms. Shalini Khanna Sodhi, Founder Director NAB India Centre for Blind Women and Disability Studies said, “Blind Bake is an unparalleled story of diversity and inclusion. Blind chefs have shown us that nothing is impossible. An amazing initiative of Taj Mahal, New Delhi to empower the training enterprise by visually impaired women to invite Blind Bake in their staff cafeteria.”
The initiative is inspired by IHCL’s core values and the profound words of Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, Founder, Tata Group “In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is in fact the very purpose of its existence”. Through this initiative, Taj Mahal, New Delhi, strives to create meaningful opportunities for the visually impaired community, aligning seamlessly with the ethos of Paathya, the sustainability and social impact framework by IHCL.
Derived from the Sanskrit term पथ्य, inferring a path, Paathya encapsulates IHCL’s initiatives to lead positive change with its core values of Trust of all stakeholders, Awareness around the needs of our ecosystem and Joy at heart. Taking ahead its over a century old legacy, Paathya forges a journey focused on Environmental Stewardship, Social Responsibility, Excellence in Governance, Preserving Heritage, Value Chain Transformation, and Sustainable Growth.



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