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‘Joy of Sharing’ CSR Initiative Empowers the Future through Education

In a remarkable display of dedication and commitment to give back to the society and communities at large, a massive structural refurbishment and transformation exercise was undertaken to rebuild the Gunda Sathaiah Memorial Upper Primary School.
The project for the structural revival and refurbishment of the Gunda Sathaiah Memorial Upper Primary School was brainchild of Shri Gunda Madhusudhan Garu, Chairman & CMD of the Sumadhura Group, in which he took personal interest and undertook the transformation of this once-dilapidated school so as to ensure educational progress and community development.
Sumadhura Foundation’s Joy of Sharing Initiative stands as a testament to their commitment to educational transformation and community empowerment. This initiative reflects their dedication to social responsibility and their vision of creating a brighter future for all.
This extensively renovated facility now features seven spacious classrooms, two fully-equipped Anganwadi rooms, a state-of-the-art computer lab, a cutting-edge science laboratory, and a well-stocked library. To prioritize the well-being of students, a meticulously planned kitchen and dining hall have been thoughtfully integrated, ensuring that the school functions as a comprehensive center for holistic education. Every detail of the school has been carefully considered, from the installation of brand-new desks and chairs to the incorporation of modern laboratory equipment, providing students with an exceptional and conducive learning environment.
As the key driving force behind this campaign to rebuild the edifices of education and give back to society, Shri Gunda Madhusudhan Garu, Chairman & CMD, Sumadhura Group, shared his emotive championship of the cause, stating, “Educational empowerment is the bedrock of progress, and it’s our shared duty to equip the younger generation with knowledge and opportunities. I am profoundly delighted to witness the renaissance of Gunda Sathaiah Memorial Upper Primary School, and I firmly believe it will serve as a cornerstone for forging a brighter future in our community. The unwavering commitment to precision and excellence is what truly sets this transformation apart.”
The Sumadhura Group’s ongoing cause championship, advocacy and commitment to educational transformation, social upliftment and community development form the key pillars of their social and corporate citizenship by creating shining examples of social engineering, transformation and nation building through such projects – thereby heralding and ensuring a stronger and better tomorrow for nation and society.
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