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Sprint Champion Dutee Chand teams up with Mothers Against Vaping to tackle the threat of New-Age Tobacco Devices among Children

Dutee Chand
In a notable new development, ‘Mothers Against Vaping’, a united front of concerned mothers combatting the promotion of New-Age Tobacco Devices such as e-cigarettes, vapes, electronic nicotine delivery systems, heat-not-burn products, e-hookahs and similar devices among Indian children and youth, today announced that Dutee Chand, national sprint champion and Olympian will be supporting and endorsing their crucial mission.
Dutee Chand is a sprinter and Indian national champion in the women’s 100 metres event. She is a national record holder and a two-time Olympian. She scripted history in 2019 at the World Universiade in Naples when she became the first Indian to clinch gold in a 100 metre race at a global event.
Chand joins a distinguished group of sports icons and influential role models including Baichung Bhutia, Deepa Malik and Neha Dhupia who have been supporting Mothers Against Vaping in their efforts against the scourge of vaping among our youth.
Dutee Chand’s endorsement will be significant in the fight against vaping among our youth. As a prominent sports figure, Dutee Chand’s endorsement stands to greatly amplify the work being done by Mothers Against Vaping. This collaboration highlights the critical importance of addressing the health crisis among our children and youth and also emphasizes the necessity of proactive measures to raise awareness and implement concrete steps for their protection against the harmful effects of new-age tobacco electronic devices. Chand’s support and involvement will shine a powerful spotlight on the issue and raise its awareness, visibility and impact.
Dutee Chand, speaking about the need to highlight the devastating impact that vaping and e-cigarettes are having on the lives of children said, “Today, we are sprinting ahead as a sporting nation. From athletics to chess it is thrilling to see the rise of talented youngsters in diverse sports fields. But issues like harmful vaping habits among youngsters are setting us back so it is important that we speak out against this trend. I am proud to give my support to Mothers Against Vaping, who are fighting this battle in a consistent manner.”
“Children deserve to pursue their dreams, play and build their futures free from harmful distractions like vaping. Engaging in such habits can derail their paths and jeopardize their aspirations. It is crucial for children, parents, teachers and society as a whole to understand the serious consequences of vaping and take proactive steps to eradicate this menace from our communities and the lives of our children,” added Chand.
According to Mothers Against Vaping, the prevalence of vaping brings with it a multitude of health risks, with one of the most concerning being the emergence of lung injuries such as EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use-Associated Lung Injury). Contrary to popular belief, the notion that vapours emitted from modern tobacco devices are harmless has been debunked by evidence. Studies have revealed the presence of harmful substances like nicotine and diacetyl, both of which have been directly linked to severe lung injuries and other health complications.
The devastating impact of vaping-related illnesses was clearly evident during the 2019 EVALI outbreak in the United States, which disproportionately affected teenagers and young adults. This epidemic led to numerous hospitalizations, leaving many survivors with enduring lung damage and pulmonary dysfunction, highlighting the urgent need for awareness and prevention efforts. Moreover, the dangers associated with these new-age electronic tobacco devices extend to devices overheating, explosions and also environmental pollution.
As per Mothers Against Vaping, the alarming surge in addiction among children to new-age tobacco devices is largely attributed to the aggressive tactics employed by multinational tobacco companies. These companies are actively seeking to establish and expand their market base by targeting vulnerable youth and cultivating future consumers. Utilizing a variety of strategic approaches, these corporations engage in widespread social media advertising campaigns to glamourize and normalize the use of electronic devices. Moreover, they continuously innovate by designing and launching new electronic products featuring sleek technology and captivating aesthetics. They entice young consumers with flavours like Candy Floss, Marshmallow or Strawberry. This disturbing trend poses a significant risk of addiction, as e-cigarettes and similar devices often serve as gateway substances, potentially leading users towards more harmful substances such as cocaine and heroin.
There are various countries including India which have banned vaping including Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Argentina, Japan and Brazil. In India, vaping devices and e-cigarettes were banned under the Prohibition of Electronic Cigarettes Act (PECA) 2019, which comprehensively addresses all aspects of their production, distribution, and advertising. The government’s decision to enact this ban was prompted by growing concerns over the addictive nature of these products and their detrimental impact on health, especially those of the youth.
In response to the urgent concern posed by the proliferation of new-age tobacco devices, Mothers Against Vaping has been dedicated to raising awareness and illuminating the troubling reality associated with these products. The group is actively seeking support and action from influential figures, parents, educators, influencers and policymakers. The overarching goal is to create an environment where these modern devices are excluded from our society, ensuring they are entirely out of reach for children and youngsters.
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