Home Press Release CSR: Solar Lift Irrigation Systems installed to benefit farmers in Bilaspur

CSR: Solar Lift Irrigation Systems installed to benefit farmers in Bilaspur

Aerial view of farmers planting rice on a field
New Delhi, India: ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has installed 20 HP solar lift irrigation systems, covering a total area of 55-60 acres in the Bohardhi village, Bilaspur. The primary objective of this pioneering project aims to address the water scarcity issue faced by marginal farmers, providing them with a reliable source of irrigation and transforming their lives.
Mr. Hira Prasad Sahu is one such beneficiary of the proactive measure taken by ACC and Adani Foundation to introduce solar lift irrigation systems to combat the challenge of water scarcity. As a marginal farmer responsible for a family of seven, the resident of Bohardhi village has faced significant challenges due to a lack of sustainable income sources. The recent installation of the solar lift irrigation system, covering an area of approximately 55-60 acres, has ensured that Hira’s one-acre land has been integrated into the irrigation system. It has ushered in profound transformation and instilled a sense of hope for a brighter future.
A solar power lift irrigation system utilizes solar energy to pump water from a water source (such as a well, river, or reservoir) to irrigate agricultural fields or provide water for other purposes. The solar lift irrigation system operates for eight hours daily, ensuring a steady water supply to the agricultural fields, throughout the year. This has resulted in a significant boosting of crop growth and enhanced the overall agricultural productivity of the region. Mr. Hira Prasad Sahu, benefiting from this system, now cultivates a diverse range of crops, including paddy, wheat, peas, sunflowers, and vegetables. This initiative also enables Mr. Hira Prasad Sahu to perform multi-season farming, projected to yield an additional income.
ACC and Adani Foundation remains committed in its mission to transform lives of marginalised communities across the regions. The initiative in Bohardhi village stands as one of the many endeavours to empower farmers and uplift rural communities.


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